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5 Great Gadgets to Improve Your Sleep

You've heard it plenty of times: There are a lot of devices out there that can hinder your sleep health. (We're looking at you, laptops and TV screens.) But what about the good-for-you gadgets geared toward improving your sleep? We sifted through a pile of thingy-ma-bobbers that promise to send you to dreamland, tested them out, and picked our top five favorites. Prepare to rest easy -- finally.
Best Sound Machine for Sleep Sound+Sleep Nomad

What it is and how it works: This compact, travel-size sound machine helps you fall asleep by providing natural sounds (ocean, meadow, white noise, and more) that can be easily adjusted in richness and volume. There's an "Adaptive Mode" setting that will adjust the composition of your selected soundtrack so that it masks other noises. And, of course, you can set a timer so that the machine stops playing after 30 minutes or so .

Expert opinion: "By focusing on a relaxing sound that predominates the sleep environment, sleep onset can be improved, as well as made more consistent due to fewer awakenings from disruptive noises," says Dr. Surkin.

FITNESS snooze test: Sound machines are nothing new, but we liked this pint-size product because it was petite enough for our nightstand and genuinely seemed more effective than devices we've tried in the past. The proof: While testing this out in an NYC bedroom that's on a busy downtown street, the Rain setting helped the editor-sleeper fall asleep...instead of toss and turn from a bar's loud music.