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5 Great Gadgets to Improve Your Sleep

You've heard it plenty of times: There are a lot of devices out there that can hinder your sleep health. (We're looking at you, laptops and TV screens.) But what about the good-for-you gadgets geared toward improving your sleep? We sifted through a pile of thingy-ma-bobbers that promise to send you to dreamland, tested them out, and picked our top five favorites. Prepare to rest easy -- finally.
Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock Verilux Rise & Shine Natural Wake-Up Light

What it is and how it works: The next best thing to waking up to natural sunlight and chirping birds, this device is a strategic-but-peaceful alarm clock. Instead of being shocked into waking up, you are gradually lulled out of sleep by the increasing light and soundscape.

Expert opinion: "Exposure to bright lights too early in your specific circadian rhythm can cause more sleepiness and less alertness," says Dr. Surkin. "Physiologically, the gradual light exposure upon awakening can assist with alertness by properly aligning your circadian rhythm."

FITNESS snooze test: Since some people need heavy drapes for total darkness to fall asleep (batcave, anyone?), we particularly liked that this product simulates the light we should be experiencing in the morning.