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Get to Know Your Greens

If you think escarole refers to Jay-Z's SUV, it's time for a veg-ucation. Get to know seven produce powerhouses that deserve a spot in your crisper.
Watercress Watercress

The small, oval-shaped leaves should smell peppery.

Watercress packs a healthy punch of vision-protecting carotenoids and compounds that may inhibit the growth of breast cancer tumors.

Fresh ideas: Trim the stems, then add the leaves to sandwiches, frittatas, and salads. "Pair watercress with a sweet balsamic vinaigrette," Giancoli says. Or transform a simple supper into dinner party fare by using fresh leaves as a bed for roast chicken or beef. To make soup, sauté a cubed potato and a diced onion, then simmer them in two cups each of low-fat milk and chicken stock for 10 minutes, or until tender. Add two cups of watercress (leaves and stems), cook five minutes more, and puree until smooth. Garnish with fresh watercress leaves and low-fat sour cream.