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"We Look Better Now Than We Did 10 Years Ago!"

Karen Cardone, 28, and her BFF, Kellyann Dilgen, 27, needed to shed weight and tone up for their high school reunion. FITNESS helped them ace their looks.
Karen and Kellyann after weight loss Karen and Kellyann's Success Story

Our Goal

There was no way Kellyann and I were going to skip our 10-year reunion at Longwood High School on Long Island next month. I'm the former student-government president, and Kellyann is the onetime prom committee director, and we're in charge of planning the event. But when we began organizing it last year, Kellyann and I were looking at high school photos and realized just how flabby we'd become. I'd gained 15 pounds, which is a lot when you're 4 foot 11, and Kellyann, who had always been the skinny one, had put on about 10 pounds. When we failed at sticking to our exercise and diet pacts for the 20th time, we reached out for professional help from FITNESS.

Our Moment of Success

Ten weeks after revamping our diets and working with a trainer who took our elliptical sessions off auto­pilot, Kellyann and I shed a combined 25 pounds. And we can't believe what tiny waists we've achieved; I lost 8 1/2 inches, and Kellyann, 4 1/2. Before, exercise felt like a dead-end job at which nothing we did got us any results. Now our workouts have become the fun, new way that Kellyann and I stay connected.