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When to Replace Your Exercise Essentials

To get the best results from your workout -- and stay safe, too -- you can't keep ignoring the necessary upkeep and replacement of your most important items. "It's worth it, especially since most gear is fairly inexpensive and other gear may have useful upgrades," says Corey Twedt, NordicTrack Research and Development Manager. "You should always check your items for tears, cracks, or yellowing, and replace them so you can prevent injuries." Here's how to know when it's time to pony up the dough for a better performance.
green sports bra Sports Bras

When to replace it: Every 3-12 months

Must-know info: The more you wash and wear your bra, the more you'll weaken its elasticity. Consider doubling-up if it's been over a year and you can't bear to part with it just yet. Line-dry your sports bra to preserve the elastic.