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Turn On Power: Workouts to Power Up Your Muscles

You do your time on the treadmill, hoist some weights, and maybe even throw in yoga for good measure. But your regimen probably lacks one key element: power. Besides torching extra stored fat and quickly sculpting your muscles, power moves give you a mental edge­ -- in and out of the gym. So we tapped six of the top trainers in the biz for their surefire tips for squeezing that extra octane from your muscles and workouts. They will change the way you train forever.
Jeanette Jenkins Jeanette Jenkins' Fat-Blasting Exercises

Trainer-to-the-stars Jeanette Jenkins says her clients love it when she adds high-intensity moves to their routine. To make it more fun and help them visualize exercises, she also incorporates sports-oriented drills. She gave us five of her favorite oomph-building sculptors to rev up your routine. Just one caveat, says Jenkins: Any exercisers who may be overweight should skip the jumps -- she recommends against doing such taxing plyo moves until you've hit your healthy weight range.

Burpee combo with side shuffle

Jump kick


Power plyo lunge

Volleyball block