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Hangover Cures That Really Work (and the Ones That Don't)

You let just a little bit too loose last night and now you're paying for it. Find out which hangover cures provide a quick fix, and which are a just a hoax.
a tired woman exercising Rumor Remedy: Sweating It Out with Exercise

"My go-to any time I have a hangover is a workout to sweat out the bad stuff followed by a ton of water," says Jennifer D., a 36-year-old lawyer in New York City. "I don't know how scientific it is, but I feel like going for a run helps process the alcohol left in my body when I wake up. It usually shakes my grogginess and makes me feel better faster."

Unfortunately, exercise on its own isn't an effective cure, according to Engs. In fact, if you exercise and aren't properly hydrating, your symptoms could actually worsen. What you might be feeling that is making you feel better is the endorphin rush that typically comes along with a workout. If you're looking to metabolize the alcohol through your body faster, sorry -- the gym is not the answer.