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The Fat-Burning Walking Workout Plan

Learn how to burn more calories and sculpt a tighter tush with every step.
woman power walking Walk 1: 15-Minute Lunchtime Quickie

Here's why walking is the number-one way to ward off job blob: Burning some 50 extra calories a day, the equivalent of a steady 15-minute stroll, can help determine whether or not you gain weight, experts say. Bonus: Unlike steamier exercise, power walking won't give you the post-workout munchies, a study from Loughborough University in the UK finds. Multitask it in!

Pick a lunch spot that's about an eight-minute walk away, call in your order, and head out. "Go at a pace of at least three miles an hour, and make a game out of not stopping," Cole says. (If you're moving at that speed, aim for a takeout place about a half mile away.) "When you come to a red light, turn right and keep moving, even if it tacks on another block." Grab your lunch and go. Do this most weekdays to rack up 45 minutes to an hour of exercise without even trying. For a mini butt-firming boost, Cole says, squeeze your glutes while you walk "as if you're holding a diamond necklace between your cheeks."