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Top 10 Workout DVDs of 2011

We asked more than 80 women like you to do the legwork (arms, abs, and butt work too!) on the latest releases. Here are the titles that will take your at-home routine to the next level.
Haute Yoga Hybrid

Denise Austin Hot Body Yoga ($15, collagevideo.com)

What you'll need: a yoga mat, a pair of 2- to 5-pound dumbbells

Calories burned:* 108 per 29-minute sculpting session, 80 per 30-minute yoga routine

Why we love it: Austin has a "do-what-you-can, positive attitude," testers say -- perfect for newbies. She walks you through simple pose variations, then shows you how to increase the challenge. Using weights during the yoga sculpting segment for moves like boat pose with a biceps curl "ups the ante" for muscles, whereas the other half-hour session strings together traditional poses for an allover workout. But no "oms" here: The focus is on "strength and energy rather than meditation."