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Make the Most of the Weight Machines at Your Gym

This simple what-to-hit, what-to-skip weight routine takes the guesswork out of getting a sexy, sculpted physique at the gym. Consider this your guide to the best machines in the weight room.
Prone Hamstring Curl Machine Prone Hamstring Curl Machine

Target: Hamstrings

Why it's key: The belly-down version of the hamstring curl is preferable to the seated one because "it allows you to fully contract the muscles," Berger says. "You can't sit on thick muscles that are contracting and expect the same benefit." Since women's hamstrings are typically only about 50 percent as strong as their quads, this machine is a must.

How to use it: Set the weights at 75 percent of what you could use on a seated leg extension machine and work your way up. "The closer you can get the weights to match what your quads can do on the leg extension, the better," Esco says.