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8 Diet Rules That Are Meant to Be Broken

If you don't eat red meat or snack after 8 p.m., girl, it's time to loosen up. The secret to losing weight is finding your happy medium (or medium rare). Get ready to break a few rules and lose weight, too.
Cupcake Put Some Fun Back in Your Diet

Sticking to certain diet must-dos may actually be sabotaging your skinny-jeans goal. "A black-and-white 'This is good, this is bad' mentality sets you up for failure," says Judith Beck, PhD, author of The Beck Diet Solution. "With one minor dietary infraction, the mind-set becomes 'I've blown it, so I might as well keep going.'" Even worse, you may be following faulty advice. Learn why you should break these eight hard-and-fast diet rules -- and get ready to drop a size, you rebel, you.