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Lose 10 Pounds Workout

Tone up and slim down in 4 weeks with this total-body workout.
Lose 10 Pounds Workout Tone Up How This Workout Works

What makes this shaping session the best 30 minutes your body can spend? "It counters the effects of gravity, which is constantly pulling us down and forward," says trainer Adam Friedman, a Gold's Gym Fitness Institute expert who created the "Lose 10 Pounds Fast" workouts exclusively for FITNESS. "Each exercise engages the whole body to burn more calories, plus targets your core to cinch your waist and straighten your posture." Do these moves in pairs, or supersets, alternating until you've done three sets each. Aim for two to three "Tone Up" workouts a week on nonconsecutive days, along with your fave cardio to shed a size or two.

What you'll need: a resistance band or a resistance tube with handles, a yoga mat