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Bump Up the Burn!

16 sneaky (easy) ways to blast extra calories every single day without ever hitting the gym.
woman walking her dogs 1. Tag. Your Dog's It!

"Help! I don't have time to exercise!" That's what Motherboard Moms told us in a recent poll. In fact, 33 percent said they exercised less than once a week. To the rescue: 16 ways to sneak in some you'll-hardly-notice-them moves that blast calories. Mix and match these moves to the tune of a 150-calorie burn a day, and you'll lose a pound or two a month without ever hitting the gym. Calorie estimates are based on a 5'4 150 pound woman.

"You have to walk the dog anyway. Why not bump up the workout?" asks Tricia Murphy Madden, ACE and AFFAA certified fitness instructor and creator of My Best Friend's Workout (www.mybestfriendsworkout.com) in Seattle. When you're in your yard or a fenced-in park, get a head start on your dog so it's chasing you. Then change direction so it races for you again. Bonnie Matthews does a dog-free version, walking for three minutes, then sprinting for 30 seconds. "It burns fat like nothing else," she says.

Chase your pup fives times every doggy outing, and you'll burn 98 calories per 20-minute stroll.