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Be a Beach Beauty: Tips for Summer Hair and Skin

When temperatures soar, your hair and skin need extra TLC. We've gathered the top tricks under the sun to help you look hot and keep your cool this season.
Secret Clinical Strength deodorant Dry Ideas

FITNESS staffers put new antiperspirants to the sweat test: a 10-mile run, two hours of kickboxing, and a cross-training session. Here's how they fared.

The Stick: Secret Clinical Strength ($7.99, drugstores)
The Claim: It stops sweat with a near-prescription-strength active ingredient and soothes skin with hydrating petrolatum.
The Results: "This is the first time I've gone through an entire workout with no underarm marks."
-- Julia Savacool, articles director

The Stick: Degree Women Clinical Protection ($10.99, drugstores)
The Claim: Applied before bed, it blocks sweat throughout the following day and calms sensitivity with skin-softening dimethicone.
The Results: "I loved that I didn't have to reapply it after my workout. This kept me dry from morning to night."
-- Elaine Roake, photo director

The Stick: Lady Speed Stick Stainguard ($3.49, drugstores)
The Claim: It contains moisturizing soybean oil and is formulated to prevent yellow marks and smudges on clothes.
The Results: "I stayed odor-free, and it kept icky flakes from showing up on my favorite black workout tee."
-- Chee Gates, features writer