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Sip Smarter: Our Guide to Healthy Drinks

Your favorite thirst quencher may be brimming with more calories than an ice cream cone. Here's how to drink and still shrink.
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We're a nation that loves to celebrate with a drink; we consume more than 500 million gallons of wine, beer, and spirits a year. Research shows that we would imbibe even more if liquor contained functional ingredients, such as antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins. "There's a growing number of people who want to sip a cocktail and get health benefits at the same time," Taub-Dix says. We're also watching our waistlines and choosing skinnier drinks. Seven of the 10 top-selling domestic beers are light beers. And customers keep asking for more: Budweiser just launched a new brew called Select 55. With only 55 calories per 12-ounce bottle, it's the lowest-calorie beer on the market. Here's a reason to toast: Women who drink one to two servings of wine, beer, or liquor a day tend to gain less weight over time than teetotalers, according to researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Some studies indicate that regularly drinking a small amount of alcohol may reduce our appetite.

Sip Tip: Moderation is key. While too much alcohol can hurt your health, experts say that a little bit daily may boost it. Stick to no more than two 5-ounce glasses of wine, 12-ounce bottles of beer, or 1-1/2-ounce glasses of liquor a day.