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Bridal Boot Camp: The Workout

The workout that will help you look sexy in your wedding dress.
Slimming Cardio Sessions: 22-Minute Fat-Melting Mini

Three sessions a week of calorie-blasting cardio makes the perfect match to your total-body toning workouts. Pick your favorite aerobic exercise -- walking, running, biking, elliptical, stair climber -- and choose from among trainer Tommy Europe's beginner-friendly interval sessions below. "The speed bursts help you burn more calories and increase your cardio fitness level quicker than if you stuck to a steady pace," says Europe who has used these routines to help dozens of Bulging Brides make it to the altar a size (or two) smaller. The intensity for each interval is based on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is reclining on the couch and 10 is an all-out sprint. You can choose to do a Slimming Session along with your Bridal Boot Camp toning routine or on a separate day.

  22-Minute Fat-Melting Mini
Time Intensity (Scale of 1 to 10)
5 minutes Warm up at an easy pace, an intensity of 3 or 4.
5 minutes Increase pace to level 5, about half of your top effort, and stay there for five minutes. (If working on a treadmill, set the incline to 1 percent.)
1 minute  Push your speed up to level 7 where your sentences become choppy and it feels like you are working pretty hard. (On a treadmill, you can increase the incline to raise the intensity level or increase the resistance on other cardio machines.)
5 minutes Decrease speed (or incline, resistance) to your level 5 pace.
1 minute  Push your speed up another notch to level 8. You should be going at a challenging pace, only able to speak in choppy sentences.
5 minutes Cool down at your easy 3- or 4-level pace.