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Our Favorite All-Natural Home Beauty Treatments

Condition your cuticles, fight frizz, boost your complexion, brighten your hair color (and lots more!) with these simple recipes for do-it-yourself all-natural beauty treatments.
bananas Tame Frizzy Hair

Take control of dry strands with this nourishing hair calmer.

What You Need
1 banana
1/2 avocado

1. Mash banana and avocado together, then comb the mixture through dry hair, which absorbs more nutrients than wet.

2. Cover hair with a plastic cap (the heat it creates increases penetration) and leave on hair for 10 minutes; rinse clean with cool water.

Beauty Benefit
"Bananas are full of potassium, and avocados are packed with moisturizing fatty acids -- two things that soften hair instantly," says Alex Safar of Salon Acote in Boston, who advises using this treatment every other week.