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Make Over My Workout!

Stuck in a fitness funk? These five readers were, until our experts gave their workout routines a complete makeover. Get inspired by their one-month turnarounds and step off that elliptical to nowhere! (The Experts: Amie Hoff, New York Sports Clubs master trainer; Ashley Miller, New York Sports Clubs master trainer; Lisa Goldberg, nutritionist and creator of HealthCoach, LLC)
woman lifting up bicycle Struggling to Keep Up Winter Workouts

Holly Williamson, 37, Hoboken, New Jersey

Interior Designer

Her Rut: Even though Holly has been competing in triathlons for three years -- training five or six days a week -- she struggled with winter workout slumps. "At the last race of the season, I'm either injured or tired of competing but stumped for what to do instead," she says.

Workout Routine Rescue

The Results

Success! She reaped a "round butt -- in a good way" and racing rewards: By week two, Holly was running faster, longer. "I feel stronger and more excited to keep going," she says.