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Dare to Flare: The Best Wide-Legged Pants for Your Body Type

Wide-legged pants can make everybody -- and we mean every body -- look long and lean. To pull off this trendy look, here's what kind of pants you should wear -- and the shoes to pair with them.
Worthington trousers with Old Navy flats For Pear Shapes

Billowing legs give balance to hippy chicks. The trick is to stick to straight silhouettes (meaning the legs are about the same width at the top as at the bottom). You also want details near the waistline, such as buttons or slash pockets, to draw eyes up to your small midsection. Worthington trousers, $36, JCPenney stores

Punctuate the look with a pretty print in a bright color. Old Navy Floral Canvas ballet flats, $20, Old Navy stores