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"I Did It!" Best Before and After Weight-Loss Stories

Meet real women who lost weight and changed their lives. Here, their weight loss stories and transformations to motivate you to reach your weight loss goals.
Diana Huffman Before Before: Our Contest Winner: "It Feels Amazing to Be Healthy!"

"I was always saying I would get the weight off 'someday,'" Diana Huffman said. A mom of four kids, Diana reached 220 pounds after the birth of her daughter. She had been putting herself last, which she realized was not fair to her or her children. Just before her 40th birthday, Diana decided "enough was enough."

Diana started hiking again at Squaw Peak, a local mountain she used to hike in her 20s, and vowed to make it to the top "no matter what," she said. "Since then I have been hiking that mountain every week along with running, swimming, biking, aerobics, and eating clean 95 percent of the time."

Diana Huffman After After

This is Diana after 10 months of hard work. "I feel like I am 25 again!" she said. Diana went from weighing 220 pounds and wearing a size 16 to weighing 144 and wearing a size 4 to 6.

"Anyone can do this," she said. "You just have to want it badly enough."

What's her secret? It's not magic, "just hard work, a commitment to exercise (anywhere and everywhere you can), and eating right."