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Before and After: How These Real Women Get Fit

On the reality TV show, Could You Survive?, health-and-fitness guru Pamela Peeke, MD, helps real women to get fit enough to take on extreme real-life challenges. Here, meet the women of the show who dramatically changed their bodies and lives as they share how they got stronger, faster, fitter, and happier.
Donna Early Getting Fit Boosted My Confidence

Donna Early
Age: 36
Weight before the show: 190 lbs.
Weight now: 173 lbs.

Body Bio: "I was so thin when I was a teen that my mother was always telling me to gain weight. About five years ago, though, my metabolism slowed down. And thanks to late-night munching and always piling my plate with food, I started getting chubby."

Donna Early Getting Fit Boosted My Confidence

Diet Do: "Instead of making a box of pasta for me and my husband, I prepare an amount that's about the size of my fist for both of us. We fill up the rest of our plates with veggies."

Top Fitness Tip: "Don't assume that you can't work out unless you're at the gym. I jog or walk in my neighborhood, and when I'm watching TV, I do crunches and sit-ups."

Healthy Bonus: "It's amazing how much getting fit has helped boost my confidence. My goal is to lose another 30 pounds -- and for once, I believe I can do it!"

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, January 2009.