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The Love Your Shape Workout

An all-over, total-body cardio and strength-training workout, customized for any body type.

You're a pear if most of your weight is below the waist

Your goal: Minimize your hips, butt, and thighs.

Your plan: To balance a heavier lower half, focus on adding muscle definition to your chest, back, and shoulders by lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions. At the same time, improve lower-body endurance and sculpt your butt and thighs by doing more reps with lighter weights. One of the fastest ways to achieve this is through triple supersets -- back-to-back-to-back exercises with three moves for the upper body, three for the lower body, and three for the upper body and core -- with no rest between sets. (Take about 30 seconds to rest between supersets.) "It's a great way to boost your heart rate and burn fat while building lean muscle," says Mak.