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Get Healthy, Gorgeous Hair

You can't hide dull, dry strands under a hat forever. Get amazing-looking tresses with these easy tips for healthy, beautiful hair.
woman smiling, brunette Bring Back Your Shine

Overstyling and underconditioning weaken your hair's cuticle, or outer layer, making hair dry, frizzy, dull looking, and vulnerable to more damage. It's time to lose the Brillo-pad effect!

To repair hair:

Start at the roots. Beautiful tresses begin with the scalp, says Ben Skervin, a hairstylist in New York City and London who works with such celebrities as Madonna and Keira Knightley. He recommends using Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo, $4.99, drugstores, even if you're not suffering from dandruff. Most shampoos simply wash away oil and dirt, but Head & Shoulders also nourishes the scalp, which promotes hair growth, and moisturizes strands from root to tip.