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Quiz: Are You in Shape? Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility Test


See how fit you really are with our nine mini self-tests. Then learn how to take your shape from good to great.


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1. Recovery Heart Rate: You don't have to hit the track for a speed trial to test your cardiovascular fitness. Try a scientific drill that trainers use: Get a 12- to 18-inch-high step (a chair or bench will also work) and step on and off it for three minutes nonstop. Use both feet to maintain a peppy up-up-down-down pace. Rest for exactly one minute, then immediately take your pulse for 30 seconds. (Press your pointer and middle finger against your wrist and count the beats.) Plug the number of beats into this equation to get your score: 18,000 (beats 5.6).


Poor: 28-38

Fair: 39-59

Good: 60+

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