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Quiz: Test Your Flexibility


Test your tight spots and learn how to loosen up muscles with this flexibility guide. Take our expert test to find out exactly how limber you are and get the fix for areas where you come up short. Try again next month to see how far you've stretched your limits.


Question 1 of 12

With left hand, hold a ruler so left thumb is just at the one-inch mark. Bend left arm behind back so ruler points toward head. Now reach right hand up and over right shoulder, grabbing ruler as close to left hand as you can. To measure, pull ruler up with right hand without moving fingers. Write down the number your right hand has reached and subtract an inch to get the results for the left shoulder. (You can also try this test without a ruler to see if you can touch or clasp hands.)


Good: Hands touch or are within 3 to 5 inches of each other.

Fair: Hands are within 6 to 8 inches of each other.

Poor: Hands are more than 8 inches from each other.

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