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Quiz: Does Your Body Image Need a Boost?


We know you know this: How you view your body can have mega-effects on the way you live your life. It's not just how (or whether) you tone your gams or which snacks you favor that determine your body image. Your exercise habits and diet decisions can contribute to your perception of yourself -- in powerful ways. "Somebody once said that the most important conversations you have are those you have with yourself," says Ophira Edut, the founder of "It's become so unusual to actually like your body, the people who DO are considered strange. Shouldn't it be the other way around?" Take our quiz to see where you land.


Question 1 of 8

A friend who's trying to lose weight asks if you'll be her workout buddy. You think:


"Oh man, she must think I need to drop a size, too."

"Sure thing. Who doesn't need extra motivation to sweat?"

"Do I really want her slowing me down?"

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