Jennifer Garner's Shoulder Exercises
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Jennifer Garner's Shoulder Exercises

Want to know what celebrity workout Jennifer Garner uses? These arm and shoulder exercises, designed by her personal trainer, will tone your upper body in no time.
Get Sexy Shoulders and a Toned Body Like Jennifer Garner

We love Jennifer Garner's athletic and naturally fit physique. It's no wonder she gets action-hero roles like Elektra and CIA agent Sydney Bristow in Alias. After having baby Violet , Jennifer Garner got back into shape by eating small, frequent meals and working out five times a week. To shape up for her movie, The Kingdom, Jennifer Garner did lots and lots of lunges with shoulder presses, her L.A.-based trainer Valerie Waters told FITNESS.

We gathered exercises that will get you a toned body like Jennifer Garner. Add them to your workout routine to look like an action star.


Originally published on, January 2009.