3 Winter Hair Problems Solved
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3 Winter Hair Problems Solved

Get rid of dandruff, get more volume, and stop static with these expert tips for great hair this winter.
Don't Flake Out

You may think lathering with dandruff shampoo is all you need to rid your scalp of the white stuff, but conditioning also counts. Unless the formula contains a flake fighter such as zinc pyrithione, you'll decrease the effectiveness of your dandruff shampoo by 70 percent, according to new research by Procter & Gamble labs.

A good one: Head & Shoulders Ocean Lift and Restoring Shine Conditioner, $4.99, drugstores.

Boost Limp Locks

We love winter for its low humidity (no frizz!). But that same perk can be a bounce kill for fine hair. "Humidity swells the cuticle, offering natural volume, while dry air leaves strands flat against the scalp," says Jill Guzzo, a stylist at Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City.

Massage volumizer into damp roots for instant lift. "The rubbing action is like teasing hair with a comb, only gentler," Guzzo explains.

Stop Static

Winter air also sucks moisture from your locks, leading to a hair-raising situation. Rehydrate with a leave-in conditioner, not a hair mask. "Most of a mask's conditioning agents are washed away when you rinse," says Ouidad, a salon owner in New York City. Leave-ins contain polymers that bond to hair, grounding potential flyaways.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, January 2009.