6 Ways You Can Prevent Cancer Right Now
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6 Ways You Can Prevent Cancer Right Now

A new survey finds that most Americans know they can cut their cancer risk, but they're not doing anything about it. FITNESS to the rescue! Here, our best no-cost ways to eat healthy, get more exercise, and reduce your cancer risk right now.

A third of the 565,000 cancer deaths expected in 2008 could have been preventable -- with healthy eating and regular exercise. According to the American Cancer Society, most Americans (83 percent) know that they can cut their risk of cancer by eating right and exercising but they're not doing anything about it. It's time for you to take charge and fight cancer. Here's how.

Walk Your Way to Better Health

Thirty percent of cancer deaths could be prevented if patients exercised regularly. No matter what your fitness level, walking is the easiest way to start an exercise regimen. These three calorie-burning walking routines will help you challenge your muscles and maximize every step you take. Follow this 28-day walking plan and you could lose up to 10 pounds this month.

No Time to Exercise? No Problem

Getting regular, cancer-fighting exercise doesn't mean spending hours at the gym. We've designed this 20-minute workout so even the busiest bodies can stick to it.


Don't have 20 minutes? Fitting in even five minutes of regular exercise every day is better than not working out at all. Check out these other quick cancer-fighting workouts.

Healthy Habits Can Save You $66,000

We asked experts whether it's possible to get fit and be healthy during a recession. Oh yeah, it's possible. Living healthy is not just for the rich.

A Colorful Diet Can Help Fight Cancer

Add a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to your diet to protect yourself from cancer, heart disease, and the effects of aging, and provide your body the nutrients it needs now.

Eat Green, Fight Cancer

You don't need to look far or in gourmet markets to get the best foods. Green-lifestyle expert Sara Snow shows you how to shop the local farmers' market and turn the season's best ingredients into simple, delicious dishes with easy recipes.

Cancer-Fighting Foods for Every Age

We've created a diet for every age so you can fight cancer (and heart disease and much more!) and be at your healthiest.


Originally published on FitnessMagazine.com, August 2008.