Get Fit with Nintendo's Wii Fit
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Get Fit with Nintendo's Wii Fit

If you're worried about leaving a permanent imprint of your butt on your sofa from playing video games all day, then you can relax. You can play games and exercise with the Nintendo Wii Fit.

What it is: While predecessor Wii Sports is all about perfecting your baseball or golf swing, Wii Fit offers activities that work more of your body, such as yoga, ski jumping, and hula-hooping.

How it works: You stand in front of your TV, on the balance board -- a platform that senses shifts in your weight and is also a high-tech scale -- and hold the wand (think TV remote). As you move, your on-screen avatar mirrors you. For activities such as yoga, the object is to follow the routine and correct your form; for something like the hula-hoop game, it's to catch hoops with your body as they're "tossed" at you.

Why we like it: It's truly fun -- and possibly addictive.

The bottom line: This is an excellent any-age addition to your Wii console ($89.99,


Originally published in FITNESS magazine, June 2008.