Best Way to See Your Gym Stuff
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Best Way to See Your Gym Stuff

The gym bag our whole staff is talking about.

Covering gear for FITNESS, I get sent a lot of stuff. From socks made out of corn to super-powered pogo sticks, it all comes to me. And working in a tiny cubicle, there's nowhere for it to go but on my desk and the surrounding floor. (As an obsessive organizer, this is hard to stand, but you gotta make sacrifices for your job!) So you know that something is worth talking about when it gets as much attention as this bag has. Nestled among a million other workout items, it drew every coworker like the proverbial moth to a flame. They would pick it up, put it on their shoulder, and sashay around asking how it looked. I'm amazed it wasn't stolen!

And this bag is worth the hype. First, the look of it. It has a super-cute little flap that you can unfold and use as handles, as well as a practical shoulder strap. Then inside there's a ton of room for everything gym-related -- and it's still slender enough to fit into lockers. But the best part is that there's also a small flashlight in there! It isn't the strongest beam in the world (don't count on it during a blackout), but it would definitely come in handy those days when I can't seem to find anything -- my keys, my membership card, my hair elastic. In the words of Jonathan Safran Foer, everything is illuminated.

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Originally published on, August 2007.