The "You Can Do It!" Makeover Plan: Your Quick-Start Guide
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The "You Can Do It!" Makeover Plan: Your Quick-Start Guide

Shape up, slim down, eat smarter, find more time, have confidence to spare! It is possible to reach your better-life goals with our special 8-week "You Can Do It!" Makeover Plan!
Welcome to the FITNESS "You Can Do It!" Makeover Challenge!

Congratulations on committing to your goal! Each week, we'll e-mail you easy-to-follow guides to help you achieve your goals over the course of 8 weeks. Stay tuned for your first e-mail, or get started today using the links below.

Drop a Jeans Size in 4 Weeks!

Get fit for good with this 4-week plan designed to help you drop a size and fit into your skinny jeans again.

Feel Strong & Energized

Build strength and boost your energy with this workout developed specifically for the FITNESS "You Can Do It" makeover plan.

Ramp Up Your Routine

Take your workout routine to the next level starting today!

Lose Weight

Build more lean muscle, shed fat, and lose weight with the "You Can Do It!" makeover workout and diet plan.

Eat Healthier

A few small changes are all it takes to prevent disease and feel amazing. Start eating healthier today!

Cultivate Confidence

Being self-assured means getting comfortable with taking risks. Try several (or all!) of these 16 challenges: They add up to a more confident you.

Take Back Your Time

Tired of time bandits stealing your life minute by minute? These time-savers will help you regain control.

Boost Your Mood

Happiness is a state of being and a life skill you can develop. Our "mood workout" will get you there.

Get Set for Success!

If you haven't already, take our quiz and get your mind set for success!