Make Over My Workout: Beyond Yoga
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Make Over My Workout: Beyond Yoga

A yoga fanatic who doesn't like working out seeks to add cardio, strength-training, and variety to her routine.
"Make Over My Workout"

"I take a 60-minute power yoga class three times a week and barely break a sweat. I need more variety to stay motivated, but I don't like working out in the gym."
--Amy Reynolds, 28, Newburgh, New York

"Yoga improves strength and flexibility, so it's an important part of any routine," says Jim Ryno, personal trainer and owner of LIFT gym in Ramsey, New Jersey. But to keep your heart strong and your muscles challenged, try adding more cardio and strength-specific activities two or three times a week. "If you're pressed for time, cut back to one or two yoga sessions per week," he suggests. Try some of Ryno's tips to amp up your regimen:

  • Since you're not a gym girl, break a sweat outside. Take a walk around your neighborhood, hike, bike, skate, or swim.
  • Use your body weight as a sculpting tool. Try this circuit twice a week. Do 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps.

Standing push-ups on a tree or wall

Traveling squats (move left to right as you squat)

Triceps dips on a bench or chair

Double-leg ab extension on a bench (Sit on bench, holding back edge of seat; bring legs in toward abs and out.)

Step-ups onto a bench

Heel raises on a curb or short step

  • Order some workout DVDs so you have other options in bad weather. Try a dance, kickboxing, or sculpting DVD. Visit to order.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, August 2006.