The Benefits of Gyrokinesis Exercises
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The Benefits of Gyrokinesis Exercises

The flowing exercises of Gyrokinesis can increase your strength and flexibility.
Question: "What on earth is Gyrokinesis, and what are the benefits?"

Answer: Though it may sound like a type of Greek sandwich, Gyrokinesis is actually a series of continuous, flowing, dancelike movements done standing or while sitting on a stool or the floor. All of the moves take your joints through their full range of motion and increase strength and flexibility while providing a cardio workout similar to a brisk walk, says Matt Aversa, vice president and master trainer for Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis International Administrative Headquarters in Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania.

Gyrokinesis classes usually start with forward-bending exercises on the stool before moving to the floor for seated and standing upper- and lower-body moves. When done on machines with resistance, these exercises are often referred to as Gyrotonics.

Originally published in Fitness magazine, May 2006.