Fix Flaky Powder Makeup Mistakes
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Fix Flaky Powder Makeup Mistakes

Keep your makeup from looking flaky, and set it perfectly with powder. Here, our expert makeup artist will show you how.
Question: "I know powder helps set makeup, but I always end up looking flaky. Any tips?"

Answer: Here's a confession: I used to be anti-powder. In fact, I carried blotting papers everywhere to wick away shine every hour. But I've since learned that powder is a magical beauty tool; it can finish your face and prevent makeup from migrating when used correctly.

The Perfect Powdering

  • Dip a large brush into a loose powder that's micronized (or milled three times).
  • Shake off the excess.
  • Sweep it across your face just once.

"Because the formula is extra-light, it'll set your makeup invisibly without looking cakey or flaky," says Victoria Jackson, a makeup artist and creator of Lola Cosmetics. The best part: You won't require touch-ups. Bye-bye blotting papers!

Originally published in Fitness magazine, February 2006.