How Can I Shrink My Large Pores?
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How Can I Shrink My Large Pores?

Small pores make the skin look flawless -- but how can you shrink larger ones? Try these expert tips for a quick skin-smoothing fix.
Question: "The pores on my face are large. Can I shrink them somehow?"

Answer: Pore size is nearly impossible to change, says Richard Glogau, M.D., a clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California at San Francisco. However, you can make them less noticeable. Try applying a topical retinoid, like Retin-A or Renova, which spurs new collagen growth, helps unclog pores and makes skin appear smoother. Retin-A and Renova require a prescription, but there are also over-the-counter formulas, such as Neutrogena's Pore Refining Cream with SPF 15 and Avon's Anew Advanced All-In-One Self-Adjusting Perfecting Lotion. Don't turn to procedures like chemical peels and lasering, because they can leave your pores exposed at a deeper, wider level, Dr. Glogau advises.

There is an upside to having large pores: Because this skin type tends to be more oily, it wrinkles less than dry, fine-textured complexions.

Originally published in Fitness magazine.