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yoga in the buff

Naked Yoga…Dare I Try?

Written on March 29, 2011 at 2:59 pm , by

naked yoga

Photo courtesy of Flickr user curlybird

I was listening to an NPR discussion the other day about naked yoga, “Has yoga strayed too far from its roots?” and it got me thinking: What is the point of practicing yoga—naked?

The bare-it-all and bend movement started back in the 1960′s (well that makes sense) but hit the scene here in NYC in the late 1990′s, when someone started “Midnight Yoga for Men.” It became an underground cult hit popularized after it came out fully in Time Out New York magazine. Since then more and more people let it all hang out in weekly sessions—which reportedly attracts more men than women.

I wonder though, does naked yoga really move you closer to the “truth” by stripping down to nothing and letting go of all that may be holding you back? (You mean besides my favorite Lululemon outfit which I personally think makes me look pretty damn good.) Can’t I just close my eyes to take me there? Read more