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Telluride, Colorado: The Vacation Spot Perfect for Snow Bunnies

Written on March 13, 2014 at 1:42 pm , by

I felt like I was home the second I touched down in Colorado’s tiny Montrose Airport two weeks ago. The sun tickled my pasty skin as I  bounded off of my puddle jumper plane with a list of to-dos a mile long—pee, claim baggage, find my shuttle, etc.—yet all of those thoughts and former stresses seemed to disappear in thin air (literally, hello altitude) when I laid eyes on the snowcapped mountain skyline. Holy snowplow. I could get used to this.

As a self-proclaimed “summer girl” who finds winter’s only redeeming quality to be powder-packed slopes, it has been a dream of mine for far too long to experience trails (both “groomies” and glades) out West. So when I was invited on a trip to Telluride, I felt like a kid in Toys-R-Us the week before Christmas—wide-eyed, jaw ajar the entire five days I spent gallivanting about. But is the skiing really that much better than the Northeast? Like, worth the extra travel and lugging of clunky equipment? Abso-freaking-lutely. The conditions rocked the socks off my go-to stomping grounds (while lacking that bone-gnawing bitter cold us Northerners are all accustomed to), and the town itself had the local charm a city dweller craves…without sacrificing cell service. From backcountry hikes and wildlife tours to snowmobiling and gaga-worthy dining views, the destination is a fit gal’s heaven. And the food? I can’t even begin to explain the flavor explosion my taste buds experienced. It had the high-end Manhattan quality, touting a local farm-to-table flair. Insert your choice of an expletive adjective to describe the melt-in-your mouth pork belly.

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Have You Joined #GetFitParty? You Could Win a Trip to Aruba!

Written on January 20, 2014 at 9:51 am , by

In the beginning of 2014, there are a lot of hopes and dreams. Not only about goals you want to accomplish (and will!), but about trips you want to take, places you’re eager to explore and adventures you’re excited to experience. If you’ve joined the #GetFitParty, you’re already well on your way to crushing those goals (one reader has already dropped 5 pounds!). If you haven’t joined, well, what are you waiting for?! Between the four-week workout plan that sheds unnecessary pounds off your figure, the “I refuse to starve or eat tasteless food” meals that energize your bod, and the digital support that’s waiting for you around every social media corner (with weekly prizes happening on Insta), there’s no reason to miss the fun. But if that’s still not enough, we have one more thing to entice you.

A four-night getaway – on us! – to Aruba, where you’ll stay at the swanky Hotel RIU Palace Aruba. Guys, I’ve seen this place up close and personal, and I can tell you one thing: it’s gorgeous. But that’s not all, of course. The winner of this trip gets to bring a date, and both of you will head off on a snorkel-and-sail excursion (I saw ship wrecks on mine!) and be treated to a blissful spa massage. Because every fit girl deserves a little down time to unwind and boost muscle recovery. And if that’s not enough for your adventurous selves, there’s plenty more to do – you can see our top recommendations here, but I love the idea of taking a jeep ride through the rugged Arikok National Park, swimming in Conchi, the Natural Pool or kayaking in the crystal-clear ocean waters.

After all that, we know you’re ready to get in on the action. So sign up for the Better Body plan here, which enters you to win this fabulous trip (or you could score a StairMaster!). And don’t forget to follow – and use – the #getfitparty hashtag online to keep you motivated on the journey of your “fit in ’14″ goals.

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Panama: Where You Can Play Hard, Day and Night

Written on January 17, 2014 at 9:10 am , by


That’s me ziplining in the Anton Valley!

Written by Kathy Green, managing editor

It’s January and most of the U.S. is in a deep freeze.  What better time to plan a trip to somewhere warm!  How about Panama?  I was there recently as a guest of the new Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis.  The temperature was perfect (it’s always around 80 degrees) and their eco-tourism is growing.  There are lots of daily flights, which makes it an easy, sunny destination for a break from the cold.

Before this trip, my only association with Panama was the canal, but I discovered there is a lot to do there. My travel buddies and I drove for about 2 hours outside of Panama City to the Anton Valley—a rich rainforest that is a volcano crater.  We hiked into this beautiful park and then zip-lined over a tremendous waterfall called Charro el Macho.  I had never tried ziplining before, and soaring through the lush canopy was truly a special experience.

After ziplining, it unfortunately started to pour, but that didn’t stop us from ATVing around the hillsides of the valley.  Even in the rain, we had a great time.

We also discovered the Soberania National Park, just 20 minutes outside of Panama City. A rainforest this rich with wildlife so close to civilization is a true find.  When we entered the park, the guide told us we’d possibly see monkeys, kinkajous and an abundance of birds and plant-life. Soberania delivered on beauty and rainforest magic­­­­—just as we started off on our three-hour hike, we found a sloth high up in a tree relaxing in the sun.

My friend Jennifer and I ATVing in the rain!

An added perk from Soberania? Driving right by the Panama Canal to get there and back from Panama City.  So even though we didn’t have time to take a tour, we did stop and take pictures of ships going through the locks.

So if you like to party as much as you like to hike, the perfect place to stay in Panama City is the new Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis.  It’s located right near the harbor and attached to a large shopping mall filled with stores such as Diesel and Nike (shopping and partying—what’s not to like?!). I stayed in a beautiful suite with a great view of the skyline and ships lined up to go through the canal. With no time for a pedicure before leaving New York City, hitting up the spa (at a reasonable price) was the perfect prep for the Hard Rock night scene.

The hotel is full of incredible rock n’ roll memorabilia and it has the greatest room service offer—you can get a Fender electric guitar or personal DJ box delivered so you can be a rock legend in your very own room. It is a party-hardy place with great restaurants (we ate in two of them–Soy and Tauro and the food was first-rate), bars (the roof bar has awesome views of the city) and a happening club called BLING—THE place to be seen in Panama City (Justin Bieber was hanging out there a couple of nights with his entourage). The DJ was exceptional, and my friends and I had a blast dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Calorie burning, right?

BLING, the trendiest club in Panama City


But if hiking isn’t your thing, and you’re not quite into the party scene, there are plenty of other things to satisfy your thirst for adventure in Panama. Try a visit to the Old City, bike along the Amador causeway or go to one of the great beaches on either the Caribbean or Pacific coasts.  Plus one essential perk: a Panama vacation can be reasonably priced. And we know that’s the real reason to start booking your next vacation.

Photos courtesy of Jim Raycroft

Fit Links: 14 Frozen Desserts and a Speedy Summer Vacation Workout

Written on June 21, 2013 at 11:29 am , by

Don’t melt in the heat! (Photo by Claire Benoist)

This week’s fit links from around the web:


Fun, Fit, Fab: A Miami Getaway

Written on August 3, 2012 at 10:14 am , by

At Turnberry much of the cuisine is prepared with seasonally fresh ingredients from the hotel chef’s garden.

Written by Nichole D’Auria, Art Director

It wasn’t more than a week after I began craving a spa getaway that I was invited to spend five indulgent days at two of Miami’s best resorts. My itinerary, courtesy of the Greater Miami Convention & Visitor Bureau, included golf and tennis lessons, rock climbing, paddle boarding, a DJ dance class, breakfast with a nutritionist, a massage and shopping. And spa treatments, of course. What more could I ask for?

My journey began at the Turnberry Isle resort in Aventura, just north of Miami. Renowned for its world-class championship golf courses, which are good enough for Michael Jordan (yes, I actually spotted him there!), and tennis facilities, this luxe hotel boasts a three-story spa and fitness center. While you’re there, treat yourself to a magical reflexology foot massage. Request Pilar, who has over 15 years experience with the hotel. Believe me, after hours of pavement pounding (did I mention that South Florida’s leading shopping destination—Aventura Mall—with more than 300 stores is conveniently located across the street?), your feet will thank you.

Be sure to also sign up for the golf and tennis lessons. The ones I took were among the best I ever had, and I’ve taken a lot of golf lessons. Thanks to my instructor Gary Knapp, I’ve already knocked a few strokes off my game! Read more

Fashion Diaries: A Mexican Adventure

Written on December 9, 2011 at 2:21 pm , by

Hola from Playa del Carmen! I’m blogging straight to you from the gorgeous and brand new (like no one has slept in the sheets yet, new) all-inclusive resort, Paradisus Playa del Carmen, for the next few days! Crazy, I know. I’m pretty lucky to have had the opportunity to experience all that this resort has to offer and I am so excited to be here on behalf of FITNESS Magazine!

I arrived yesterday afternoon to a glass of champagne (hard at work, or hardly working? I’ll let you decide) and a lovely staff. Shortly after, I ate a fabulous lunch by one of the resorts many pools and then got to experience a tequila tasting with a few other editors who are on this amazing adventure with me. I learned so much about one of my favorite liquors, and here is a little secret tip for you…you can actually sip on tequila! Most of us are used to the quick shot, lime and salt tradition, but if you sip your tequila, like you would a scotch or brandy, you will be less likely to drink multiple glasses (or in some cases shots), therefore saving yourself some calories. See, I’m working here!

The rest of the afternoon was spent touring the massive resort, which is actually split into two separate sides: a family side and an adults only side. There are tons of pools, lots of restaurants, an amazing gym (which offers yoga, spinning, Pilates and basic aerobics!), a gorgeous spa, and so much more. You could spend hours walking around this place—which we did. Can someone say unexpected workout?! I love my job!

I’ll be back with more on Monday, including details about the spa. I’ll be getting a much needed deep tissue massage! Can’t wait!


Fit Links: Electronics Overload and Meatless Meals

Written on June 10, 2011 at 3:47 pm , by

Photo by Peter Tak

The scale: Love it or hate it? (Photo by Peter Tak)

This week’s fit links from around the web:

Now tell us: Would you be willing to shell out a few extra dollars for a more nutritious restaurant meal?

Aloha Hawaii: My Must-Have Packing Picks!

Written on June 9, 2011 at 11:34 am , by

One of the places I'll be, the Grand Hyatt in Kauai—absolute paradise! (Photo courtesy of Grand Hyatt)

I’m off to a very beachy, sporty and sure-to-be fabulous Hawaii vacation on Friday! It’s also my long-awaited honeymoon (we got married in February!)—so I’m counting down the minutes until we’re in paradise. I’ll surely miss my SoulCycle classes, hot yoga sessions and runs, but I’ll definitely be getting my burn on even while I’m away! Our agenda includes learning how to surf, going for hikes, cliff jumping, ziplining through the forest (I’ll need lots of upper body strength for that!) and running on the gorgeous beaches of Kauai and Maui.

Like all vacations, packing the right stuff is crucial—especially with weight limits and extra fees for luggage.You really have to think about what you’re putting into those bags! Here’s my packing list that will guarantee that I’m well suited for any occasion:

So cute! (Photo courtesy of O'Neill)

O’Neill Superkini

When I’m learning how to surf at the Ty Gurney Surf School in Oahu, I’ll need the right bikini that will stay in place when I get hit by waves. O’Neill has introduced their newest style, which offers twice as much stay-put protection as the standard bikini. When I first tried on this suit, it felt and looked the same as any of my other bathing suits, except the interior fabric is extra soft and made with a material called Nanofront (which will stick to me when it gets wet). I’m psyched to wear it when I try to ride those waves!

The Ty Gurney Surf School specializes in individualized lessons catered to your surfing needs, and they’ll have their work cut out for them with me! I’m scared, frightened and totally nervous to try this sport. Surfing is one of those bucket list dreams for me, something I’ve always wanted to do, but I’ve put it off because I’m pretty scared of big waves and the possibility of playing with sharks. Yes, I love scuba diving and have enjoyed this many times so I don’t know where my fear of surfing comes from. But I’m ready to tackle this challenge and cross it off of my list! When you’re in Hawaii, I thinksurfing is something you have to try. And since pro Ty Gurney himself will be teaching me how to do it, I’m feeling more confident about this. He’s been surfing as long as he could read and even won a major championship on Hawaii’s North Shore when he was seven! I’d say I’ll be in good hands. (Check back in a few weeks for an update on how I did!)

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Do You Work Out on Vacation?

Written on May 27, 2011 at 1:43 am , by

Do you exercise in paradise? (Photo courtesy of Gwen Flamberg)

If you’re traveling for Memorial Day: Will you stick with your workout and diet plan or reward yourself with a (deserved!) day or two off?

Only 45 percent of Americans say they try to avoid gaining weight on vacation, according to a survey of 1,000 people commissioned by Marriott’s SpringHill Suites. Other interesting stats:

  • 55 percent say walking or jogging is their favorite way to exercise on vacation
  • Three times as many travelers use cardio machines compared to jogging outside
  • The top three ways that women stay fit while traveling:
  1. Cardio machines (31 percent)
  2. Jogging path (9 percent)
  3. Pilates, yoga or stretching (6 percent)

Now tell us: What are your favorite ways to get a fitness fix and eat right during a trip?

Hot Body, Hot Vacation!

Written on April 21, 2011 at 9:36 am , by

Wish you were here! Win a vacation while you get fit. (Photo courtesy of Flickr user BEST PHOTO)

By now, the middle of April, it seems like everyone is hitting the gym hard, cranking up their workouts and really getting their bodies into gear for the summer season (hello, sunshine where are you?). Vacations may be booked, perhaps weddings are on the agenda and there will be many occasions penciled into your calendars where you’ll have to wear sundresses and tank tops.

But if you’ve fallen behind schedule and haven’t gotten your rear in gear, I highly recommend checking out Crunch gyms Beach Body class offered nationwide. Why? Besides getting an amazing total-body workout, you will be entered for a chance to win a vacation to Mexico (more details T.B.A.!). The only caveat: you must attend eight classes in order to be considered as a candidate for this dream trip! Can you commit to two classes each week for a month, like I am?

Each week, the class focuses on a different body part, so the longer you stick with this the better you’ll work every inch of your body. The contest ends May 22nd, so check this out today and you’ll: A) have a new summer goal, B) get a hot body and C) possibly win a free week of luxury! Count me in.

For more info about the program, click here.

Here are two moves from the class that you can try today:

Chest Fly with Ab Challenge

  1. Lie on back with legs extended straight out and lifted a foot off the floor.
  2. Hold 5- to 10-pound dumbbells in each hand, raise arms over chest with palms facing each other and elbows slightly bent.
  3. Lower arms to the floor for two counts and return to starting position for two counts. Be sure to keep abs engaged and lower back pressing into the floor.
  4. Do 15 to 20 reps, lower legs and rest for one minute, then repeat.

    Glute Press

    1. Beginning on hands and knees, raise right leg up (keeping knee bent) for two counts keeping, then lower down for two counts. Repeat 10 times.
    2. Then raise leg for single counts 10 times.
    3. Finally, hold at the top and pulse for ten counts.
    4. Lower leg and repeat on left side. Repeat the whole circuit twice on each leg.

    Don’t have a Crunch near you or prefer working out at home? The You Can Do It! Beach Body Boot Camp program is a must. To snag a diet plan, track calories and win amazing prizes—sign up today!

    Image via