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Girl Power: Baring It All With a Sports Bra Challenge

Written on August 1, 2011 at 4:29 pm , by

Samantha (right) smiles and spins right before the big reveal. (Photo courtesy of SoulCycle)

Samantha, right, smiles and spins right before the big reveal. (Photo courtesy of SoulCycle)

I admit it: One of my biggest fears has always been working out in only a sports bra. Even in the locker room, I often head to a private bathroom before hitting the showers, or I throw a towel around me as quickly as possible. There’s just something intimidating about letting everything remain open to the public, free to be judged. Because no matter how hard you work, sometimes insecurity creeps in and clouds your mind.

Turns out I’m not the only one who feels this way. Jenny Gaither, a rockin’ spin instructor at SoulCycle, voiced the very same fears. To overcome this mental obstacle, she announced that she would host a Sports Bra Challenge in which all riders would wear only their sports bra for the duration of her spin class on Friday.

I was sold the second I heard about it. What better way to overcome my fear than to do it with a big group of ladies working their butts off (literally) in a sweaty spin class? Oh yeah, by enlisting the help of Biggest Loser season 11 winner Olivia Ward and her sister, runner-up Hannah Curlee. The two jumped on board immediately, blogging and tweeting about it all over the Internet. Talk about inspiration!

How did the class turn out? Continue reading for all of the details.

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Victoria’s Secret, SoulCycle Spin for a Cancer Cure

Written on July 14, 2011 at 11:22 am , by

Supermodel Cycle VS Angels

The models pose while preparing to ride for a cause. (Photo courtesy of Full Picture PR)

Ever wonder what it would be like to exercise with a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Sixty people found out July 12, when they bought a ticket to participate in SoulCycle’s Supermodel Cycle charity ride!

Victoria’s Secret paired up with SoulCycle Tribeca to raise money for Pelotonia, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating cancer. All of the money raised went directly to Pelotonia, which donates all of its proceeds to cancer research at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center — Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute.

So which Angels showed up? Allesandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge, Erin Heatherton and Lindsay Ellington arrived in matching workout gear, looking as cute as ever. Instructors Clare Walsh and Melanie Griffith led everyone through a sweat-tastic workout, and they still managed to look good after!

There was a mix of male and female participants, but most of the riders were male (go figure), says Gabby Etrog Cohen, director of public relations and marketing at SoulCycle. “There was a lot of fesitivity in the air and so much excitement about beating this disease,” she says. “It really was a fabulous event.”

How did people score this sweet deal? They had to pay a pretty penny, that’s for sure. All riders selected a level of participation, each with its own price tag: bronze was $1,000, gold was $2,000 and platinum was $2,500. All seats sold except for one platinum! Riders were also able to bid on special goodies, including a photo-op with one of the Angels and a pair of those famous angel wings. Who wouldn’t want to rock that look?!

By the end of the night, the event raised $102,000. Victoria’s Secret then pledged to match that amount, so overall more than $200,000 was donated to Pelotonia.

If you’re itching to participate in a philanthropic spin, SoulCycle has another charity ride on July 30—this time in East Hampton, to benefit the Tory Burch Foundation. You can visit the event site for more information and to sign up!

Now tell us: Are you sweating for a good cause this summer? If so, share your stories in the comments!

Memorial Day Weekend Playlist

Written on May 25, 2011 at 12:38 pm , by

SoulCycle's Bridgehampton location!

SoulCycle's Bridgehampton location!

I’ve been hit by the love bug—for all things SoulCycle! You’ve read about my dedication to the spinning sensation before. From their adorable apparel (see my favorite sweatshirt in this delicious neon pink color!), to the opening of their summer Hamptons studios (I’ll be heading out east to take a class before I hit the beach for Memorial Day weekend!), to instructor MB’s ridiculously awesome hip-hop playlist—which I’m sharing with you now! I just can’t get enough of this high-intensity 45-minute cardio blast, which also includes some high-rep/light-weight dumbbell moves. I feel excited for class, empowered during it, and full of energy afterward for hours—and even days! So what’s not to love? Finding a workout that you enjoy and look forward to is the key to sticking with it. I even hear Biggest Loser‘s new winner, Olivia Ward, is a fan too!

If you haven’t checked out SoulCycle yet and you’re near a studio (word on the street is that with Equinox’s help SoulCycle will be opening new locations in many more cities!), it’s definitely worth the price tag: each class costs about $32. It’ll make you fall in love with working hard and pushing yourself past your limits—or what you think your limits are. I overhead someone in class say, “That’s like cutting out my daily Starbucks latte and bringing bagged lunch twice a week,” in order to attend her weekly pump-it-up class. And I agree! Make sacrifices (giving up Starbucks and eating out is easy) for the things that make you a better, fitter person.

It's fun to sport apparel that looks like this!

It's fun to sport apparel that looks like this!

Here’s my new favorite list of tunes from the crew over at SoulCycle, sure to make Memorial Day weekend awesome!

Start Your Week Right: Music from Eminem and SoulCycle!

Written on May 16, 2011 at 9:44 am , by

Download these songs to power you through your next spin—or any workout! (Photo by Chris Fanning)

Download these songs to power you through your next spin—or any workout! (Photo by Chris Fanning)

Before you do anything else, start your week off on a high note by downloading this ridiculously awesome new playlist from my favorite crew at SoulCycle. Last week they hosted an Eminem-themed class with some of the artist’s best tunes to rock out to. I’m saddened that I missed this one (fitness fanatic Kelly Ripa even showed up!), because Mr. Eminem is my go-to guy for the songs to keep me moving up that hill during a hard run or the blast-it-all-out beat I turn to when I need to get through the last few minutes of my workout. But I have a suspicion that this Eminem-only class won’t be SoulCycle’s one and only. For now, I’m downloading these songs for my playlist this week—and beyond!

  • “My Name is Back in Black,” Eminem vs. ACDC mashup
  • W.T.P.,”  Eminem (Recovery, Deluxe Edition)
  • Cleaning Out My Closet,” Eminem (The Eminem Show)
  • Rabbit Run,” Eminem (8 Mile)
  • “Fairytale Without Me,” Eminem vs. Alexander Rybak mashup
  • ‘Till I Collapse,” Eminem & Nate Dogg (The Eminem Show)
  • Crazy In Love,” Eminem (Encore, Deluxe Edition)
  • Love the Way You Lie,” Eminem feat. Rihanna (Recovery, Deluxe Edition)
  • “Cry Me a Superman,” Eminem vs. Justin Timberlake mashup
  • Shake That (Remix),” Bobby Creekwater, Eminem, Nate Dogg & Obie Trice (Eminem Presents the Re-Up, Bonus Track Version)
  • Lose Yourself,” Eminem (Curtain Call-The Hits, Deluxe Edition)
  • Stan,” Eminem feat. Dido (The Marshall Mathers LP)

Now tell us: What artist is a mainstay on your workout playlists?

Celebrate the Weekend with a New Workout Playlist!

Written on April 29, 2011 at 12:23 pm , by

Listen up! (Photo by Peter Ardito)

In honor of the big royal wedding weekend, we asked SoulCycle instructor Jenny Gaither to create a party song playlist exclusively for FITNESS! Add these to your iPod today for some major motivation in the gym.

My personal favorite? “Dog Days Are Over,” an ideal song for interval training, which is a mainstay (on repeat) on my playlists lately. Test it out and tell me what you think!

Now tell us: What song on your workout playlist puts you in a celebratory mood?

Cycle for a Cause: SoulCycle’s Ready, Set, Ride! for Ovarian Cancer

Written on March 8, 2011 at 5:39 pm , by

Image via Fuse/Getty Images

Image via Fuse/Getty Images

Like doing your part to support a good cause? I’ve got a fun challenge for you if you live in the NYC area: Gear up for the first local Ready. Set. Ride!, an Ovarian Cycle event hosted by our favorites over at SoulCycle! Registration is only $40, but you have to raise a minimum of $600 in order to take part in the final ride on April 10th at SoulCycle Tribeca.

If you need a goal this month, make it this one. Ask your friends, family, and co-workers to help you support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. By donating to the OCRF you’ll be helping thousands of women afford the early detection screening tests that could potentially help them beat this deadly disease. Since symptoms for ovarian cancer are vague and subtle (it’s called “The Silent Killer”), there are sometimes no signs until the cancer has progressed to an advanced stage. Money raised during a charitable ride like this one at SoulCycle will help researchers find a better way to diagnosis this disease, earlier and more efficiently. If you or someone you know has been affected, hop on that two-wheeler and start pedaling away on April 10th! The final ride is 1.5 hours long and will make you fitter, stronger, and most definitely inspired!

Click HERE for more info on the SoulCycle Ovarian Cycle training schedule. Training takes places at various NYC SoulCycle locations starting today!

For other do-good organizations and to find races affiliated with donating to these amazing charities, check out these links: