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sloane stephens

Watch Gisele Bündchen’s New Under Armour Commercial

Written on September 4, 2014 at 6:05 pm , by

Under Armour has been featuring some seriously badass women in its “I Will What I Want” campaign. On the list so far: Misty Copeland, Lindsey Vonn, Sloane Stephens, Kelley O’Hara and Brianna Cope.

Each fab lady comes from a different athletic background, but they all have one thing in common: Among the obstacles and the criticism in their respective sports, they’ve worked VERY hard to get where they are now. And if there’s one person who knows criticism, it’s Gisele Bündchen.

When word spread that the supermodel would be the next addition to the campaign, she received some serious backlash. And the way Under Armour—and Gisele—dealt with it is pure genius.

Check out the commercial. Gisele gets some cardio in with a major punching sesh. While she hits the punching bag, comments—both positive and negative—appear on the walls. The Brazilian beauty constantly receives contradictory feedback, but it clearly hasn’t slowed her down, as she’s currently the highest-paid model in the world. Oh, and she got 43 no’s at her first try at international fashion shows before hearing a “yes.” Now that’s inspiring.

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Tennis Star Sloane Stephens Shares Her Fit Favorites

Written on March 30, 2012 at 10:03 am , by

Stephens serves up muscle relief with BENGAY's Zero Degrees pain-relieving gel. (Photo courtesy of StarPix)

Written by Brittany Vickers, editorial intern

Rising star Sloane Stephens has taken the tennis world by storm, becoming the youngest player in the third round of the 2011 US Open – she’s only 18! We had a chance to talk with the pro while dueling in a tennis match on the XBOX Kinect before she heads to Charleston to kick off her summer season. Guess who won that match? (Hint: it wasn’t us.)

Keep reading to find out what some of her favorite beats are and how she stays in shape off the courts.

What are some of your favorite music artists?

I listen to all kinds of music! My favorite song right now is, “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. But I also love Miley [Cyrus] and Justin Bieber –  his new song, “Boyfriend,” is amazing! But he can do no wrong in my eyes. I’m also into Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like a Love Song,” Keri Hilson and Brad Paisley.

Do you listen to all of those when you work out, or do you find yourself veering somewhere else?

I listen to a lot of Rihanna and Beyonce. Both of them have some really good pump-up songs.

 What are your go-to summer workouts when you need a break from tennis?

I love working out my abs! I’ll do 30 crunches, 30 side crunches, 30 straight-leg toe touches and a 60 second plank. Feel the burn! I go through it a couple of times and really start to feel it.

But I also do a lot of running. I just ran my first 5K in 21 minutes! I’m really proud of that time, but I’m never doing it again in my life! It was so hard! Besides running, I do a lot of plyometrics and jumping workouts. Things like box jumps and single-leg stability work are a part of my everyday routine.

After a tough workout, I like to use BENGAY on my sore muscles [editor’s note: Stephens is BENGAY’s latest athletic ambassador]. Their newest product is the Zero Degrees pain-relieving gel; I love that it has a vanishing scent!

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