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push girls

Live the Life You Want: The Push Girls Tell Us How

Written on August 10, 2012 at 10:37 am , by

Fellow Push Girls can always count on Chelsie Hill for a good laugh. (Photo courtesy of Greg Zook)

Written by Lisa Turner, editorial intern

With all the Olympic buzz amputee Oscar Pistorius has been getting lately, we were thrilled when we got the chance to chat with a few of the fierce, fit females that make up the Push Girls. They’re a group of women in wheelchairs who deal with life’s challenges while leading pretty normal lives, despite all being paralyzed from the waist down. The ladies show their journey (everything from trying to get pregnant to hopping back in the swimming pool) in the docu-series on the Sundance Channel, which airs Mondays at 10 p.m.

Two of the show’s cast members Auti Angel and Chelsie Hill are former dancers who had to get creative with their craft after car accidents left them immobile from the waist down. Read on to see how they stay motivated, including how they stay in shape, their favorite workouts and what they think about Pistorius’ trip to London.

What’s it like being on PUSH GIRLS?

Chelsie: At first it was surreal, but now it’s just a normal day. I’m so amazed at how it all came together, it’s really helped the people in wheelchairs. I got a letter recently from a viewer saying she just bought her first pair of high heels! Plus, it’s like I got four big sisters (I’m the youngest of the bunch). I feel so lucky to have a group of women who understand what you’re going through and can teach you a ton of things.

Auti: I’ve been in my chair for 20 years, and Chelsie was born a few months after my car accident. Seeing how comfortable she is on the show and in life is a reminder to us that we are doing the right thing, and shows us how far we’ve come.

You must have incredible upper body strength. How do you stay in shape?

Auti: I go to the gym on occasion. I have a punching bag in my backyard to keep my core fit, and I also use free weights. Plus, dancing has always kept me fit.

Chelsie: My upper body has gotten a lot stronger because I use mine much more than the average person. I constantly have to do cardio! Read more