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Models Who Score Points: A Look at the 2012 MBVT

Written on April 17, 2012 at 8:42 am , by

There are modeling competitions…and then there are models who compete.

We prefer focusing on the latter, and the athletic, crazy-cool Ludus Athletics Model Beach Volleyball Tournament in South Beach a few short weeks ago is a prime example of model behavior that may motivate you to start getting summer-ready! Pictures worth being jealous of:

There were eight modeling agencies that participated, each with about 12 players. Here, a few MC2 models set the mood for the tournament.

There were eight modeling agencies that participated, each with about 12 players. Here, a few MC2 models set the mood for the tournament. Photo by WorldRedEye.com.

Wilhelmenia and Runway face off!

Wilhelmenia and Runway face off! Photo by WorldRedEye.com.

There were three reality TV shows filming during the tournament! Here, a cast member from the CW's upcoming "The Catalina" gets carried away.

There were three reality TV shows filming during the tournament! Here, a cast member from the CW's upcoming "The Catalina" gets carried away. Photo by WorldRedEye.com.

There were two courts and more than a thousand spectators each day. Photo by WorldRedEye.com.

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THIS WEEKEND: Model Beach Volleyball Tournament in Miami

Written on March 30, 2012 at 10:36 am , by

Just a reminder for FITNESS readers who live close to Miami…swing on by the MBVT on Saturday and Sunday! Click the image for more info.

model beach volleyball info

Exclusive Interview with U.S. Beach Volleyball Pair Jenn Kessy and April Ross!

Written on March 29, 2012 at 4:43 pm , by

april ross and jenn kessy fitness article

Photo by Marc Serota for the National Volleyball League.

One of the most thrilling, coolest, and—yeah, we’ll say it—sexiest Olympic sports is Women’s Beach Volleyball.

That’s why we were pretty psyched to chat with Jennifer Kessy and April Ross, the U.S. women’s pair currently ranked fourth in the world. The duo is just a few months away from a berth to the Olympic Games in London and are preparing to dive into their competitive season. But remember how we told you about that Ludus Athletics Model Beach Volleyball Tournament in Miami this weekend? Yep, Kessy and Ross will be there.  (Gah! Let’s all go!)

“We train really hard Monday through Friday and try to have a regular life on the weekends,” says Kessy. “So, we’ll be back to work on Monday. But in the meantime, the event gives us the chance to support the NVL (National Volleyball League). Plus, it’s in Miami and we like to enjoy the ride!”

And enjoy the ride they do. But it’s well-deserved: After just missing out on the 2008 Games in Beijing—only two teams per gender per country can go—Kessy and Ross have been preparing for years to represent the U.S., with Olympic veterans Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. Here, Kessy and Ross reveal a few of their essentials while they’re on-the-go…plus, we find out exactly why those volleyball bikini bottoms are so itty bitty.

FITNESS: What do you have to have when you’re traveling?

Ross: “The number one thing I have to have is a big water bottle. If I go half an hour without water, I tend to freak out.”

Kessy: “I have to have my pillow. My neck can’t take different hotels pillows every week, especially after you spend your days diving for the ball. Sleep is really important to us, being on the road a lot, so I also have a sleeping mask and earplugs.”

FITNESS: Are there any beauty products you can’t live without, other than SPF?

Ross: “I hate the grimy buildup from the sweat and sand, so I bring exfoliating cleansers on the road to get the layers off. I also have some sun damage, so I use Kieh’s Spot Corrector. I usually carry Eucerin hand cream, too.”

Kessy: “I just got the Clarisonic (Skin Cleansing System), and talk about getting grime off your face!” Read more

Models Making a Difference

Written on March 21, 2012 at 9:35 am , by

heide lindgren and georgie badiel

Models 4 Water's co-founders Heide and Georgie

In 10 days, the 2012 Ludus Athletics Model Beach Volleyball Tournament will hit South Beach—and give us a motivational kick in the butt to get ready for bikini season. But the two-day event will also give us a little boost of hope, too, thanks to its charity partnership, Models 4 Water.

Co-founder models Georgie Badiel (runway stunner) and Heide Lindgren (face of Guess by Marciano) started M4W last year, with the goal of raising money to bring sustainable, clean water to the people in Burkina Faso, Georgie’s homeland. The country is one of the poorest in the world and about 85 percent of the population doesn’t have clean drinking water. And as you may suspect, most of the burden of finding usable water falls on the local women.

brukina faso children

Taken at Nakar, Burkina Faso: After M4W's first drill hit water, children celebrate. (Photo courtesy of Models 4 Water on Facebook)

“We want to use our level of exposure to give back and work (as an industry) together to make a difference,” Heide says. “But this isn’t about being a ‘rewarding experience.’ It’s about fulfilling your duty as a human being to use your blessings to help bless others.”

M4W works with The Water Project, which also hosts the donations. (They’ll accept as little as $1, so go for it!) But the Model Beach Volleyball Tournament will also have an area dedicated to M4W, and additional Global Ambassadors will lend their image and connections to the cause in the future.

Until then, Heide says the dream is simple: “Water is one of the few things the body requires to live, and we don’t want access to clean water to be an issue or concern for anyone.”

Stay tuned for more updates about the exciting 2012 Ludus Athletics Model Beach Volleyball Tournament, an event FITNESS is proud to partner with!

FITNESS Cover Model on “The Bachelor”

Written on January 4, 2012 at 4:30 pm , by

In case any of you watched the premiere of “The Bachelor” on Monday night and kept thinking the gorgeous model, Courtney, looked familiar…you were right. The 28 year-old brunette stunner was on the cover of our April 2011 issue!

courtney robertson cover girl on the bachelor

April 2011 issue of Fitness!

model courtney on the bachelor

Screenshot courtesy of ABC.com

Argy Koutsothanasis, our Fashion Director, remembers Courtney’s photo shoot well, which took place nearly a year ago at the El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico. Courtney was a last-minute fill-in for the cover photo shoot and was booked just days before flying out.

“It was her first-ever magazine cover shoot and she seemed more nervous than the other two girls who were being considered,” Argy says. “But even though she hadn’t quite found her groove as a model yet, you couldn’t tell once the final photos came in.”

The Oakley bikini Courtney wore for the cover was chosen by the stylists because it complimented her athletic figure. Argy also revealed that Courtney “had a hard time doing ‘sexy,’ at the time.”

She must’ve worked on it, because she certainly has some smoldering looks on the hit reality TV show! As for her flattering figure, Courtney reportedly ate healthier than some models do, and was “definitely into working out.”

A few more pics of the model who is turning Ben Flajnik’s head and (probably) making other contestants jealous:

courtney robertson models for fitness magazine

This shot of Courtney was from the same shoot, but featured in our May 2011 "You Can Do It!" nutrition plan. Photo by Cheyenne Ellis.

courtney robertson butt the bachelor

Courtney (left) poses with the other potential cover girls in Puerto Rico. Photo by Cheyenne Ellis.

courtney from the bachelor models for fitness magazine

An unpublished style shot of Courtney. Photo by Cheyenne Ellis.

courtney robertson fitness magazine the bachelor model

An unpublished version of a similar pose to Courtney's cover. Photo by Cheyenne Ellis.

courtney robertson the bachelor poses for fitness magazine

An unpublished potential cover shot of Courtney. Photo by Cheyenne Ellis.

courtney robertson fitness magazine outtake

An unpublished close-up from Courtney's photoshoot. Photo by Cheyenne Ellis.

6 Motivation and Exercise Tricks from Fila’s Fitness Ambassadors

Written on November 9, 2011 at 2:05 pm , by

The gorgeous Fila Ambassadors vogue at their photo shoot. (Photo courtesy of Fila)

Here at FITNESS, we’re big fans of non-traditional models getting the opportunity to do a little modeling (see here)! So Fila caught our eye with their new campaign involving women from across the country as their Body Toning System Ambassadors, who also modeled the apparel for ads for the brand. The six fit females are all unique, but all are extremely dedicated to taking care of their bodies and staying healthy.

We asked each of the ladies to share their choice workout move, top tip for staying motivated or favorite trick for sneaking in a workout when time is tight.

  • Get creative. “Try chair triceps dips in the kitchen while preparing food or do soup kitchen biceps curls in the grocery store.” — Carla Birnberg, wife, mother, entrepreneur and blogger at MizFitOnline.com
  • Frame fitness right. “I see exercise almost like a 401(k) plan. If you invest in it, you will reap the rewards at retirement! I desire to be the best me, and exercise helps to ensure that I can fulfill that on the health front.” — Qiana Martin, international soccer athlete, global soccer ambassador and owner of EatSoccer.com
  • Think twice. “If you feel like a snack, try doing lunges on your way to the kitchen so that you have time to think twice about what you are about to eat.” — Kristy Petrillo, wife, entrepreneur and real estate agent
  • Look long-term. “When a workout gets tough, I imagine what it will feel like when done. I think about the way I will look and feel and think about the changes I’m making. When things get painful or tiring, I think of my body as a machine being pushed forward.” — Laura Brumund, single mom, social worker, family counselor and fitness trainer
  • Find a soundtrack. “I’m always looking out for new music everywhere—my D.J. Spinning instructor, the radio, friends, music postings on Facebook and YouTube! And I recently discovered the music site Spotify.” — Mariana Santos, wife, mother and aspiring lifestyle media professional
  • Boost your balance. “My favorite move is the one-leg stand. Try it by balancing on your left foot and lifting your right knee up. Bring your left elbow to your right knee, then switch sides. Hold your foot in the air longer to max out the workout.” — Phyllis Spencer, single mom, New York City police officer and fitness teacher

Now tell us: Who would you most like to see get a modeling gig next?