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Lindsey Vonn

Watch Gisele Bündchen’s New Under Armour Commercial

Written on September 4, 2014 at 6:05 pm , by

Under Armour has been featuring some seriously badass women in its “I Will What I Want” campaign. On the list so far: Misty Copeland, Lindsey Vonn, Sloane Stephens, Kelley O’Hara and Brianna Cope.

Each fab lady comes from a different athletic background, but they all have one thing in common: Among the obstacles and the criticism in their respective sports, they’ve worked VERY hard to get where they are now. And if there’s one person who knows criticism, it’s Gisele Bündchen.

When word spread that the supermodel would be the next addition to the campaign, she received some serious backlash. And the way Under Armour—and Gisele—dealt with it is pure genius.

Check out the commercial. Gisele gets some cardio in with a major punching sesh. While she hits the punching bag, comments—both positive and negative—appear on the walls. The Brazilian beauty constantly receives contradictory feedback, but it clearly hasn’t slowed her down, as she’s currently the highest-paid model in the world. Oh, and she got 43 no’s at her first try at international fashion shows before hearing a “yes.” Now that’s inspiring.

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Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn’s 6 Fitness Essentials

Written on October 28, 2011 at 12:03 pm , by

World class skiier Lindsey Vonn is riding high after her giant slalom win in Austria last weekend, where she completed her career-long quest to win all five Alpine ski events (slalom, giant slalom, super-G, downhill and super combined). She is only the second American, after Bode Miller, to accomplish such a feat! Fresh off her victory, Vonn set aside time to fill us in on what’s new in her world since she graced the cover of FITNESS in February, and share six fitness tools and tips she can’t live without.

Lindsey loves squats in all forms, like this one-legged squat she's demonstrating here. (Photo by Jonathan Skow)

  1. Motivation trick: “I’m generally very motivated, but I do have days when I struggle to get out of bed,” Vonn admits. One thought that’s sure to get her moving? “I consider what my competitors are doing!” You can use a similar tactic by signing up for a local road race or team sport and using your fellow runners or opposing team members to give you an incentive to get up and go.
  2. Top equipment investment: “The TRX Suspension system is great because you can use it for core, lower body, upper body and balance,” Vonn says. “Plus it’s perfect for travel.”
  3. Must-do move: Vonn swears by squats, not only because they strengthen her legs for skiing, but also because they offer a do-anywhere workout that only requires your body weight. “I do two minutes straight of squats, rest for a few minutes and repeat that once or twice more. It really gets my legs burning,” Vonn explains.
  4. Trusty top: “I live in Under Armour ColdGear in the winter, especially the Fitted Mock turtleneck,” Vonn says.
  5. Long-term goal: When we asked her if we could look forward to seeing her at the next winter Olympic games in 2014, Vonn simply said, “definitely.”
  6. Pep-up playlist: These songs are currently on repeat on Vonn’s iPod during training:

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