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Featured Fitterati: Running Blog Black Girls Run

Written on July 31, 2012 at 1:15 pm , by

Toni and Ashley hope to create a community for runners online and off.

Each Tuesday, we’re highlighting one category of winners from our Fitterati Blogger Awards! This week the spotlight is on the Best Running Blogs!

First up, the pair behind Black Girls Run.

Toni Carey

  • 28, Norfolk, Virginia

Ashley Hicks

  • 28, New York City

Toni and Ashley want to start a running revolution. While they hope to inspire all women to get active, join running groups and find fun, nearby races, they are especially passionate about getting women of color in the game. As they note on their blog Black Girls Run, 80 percent of African-American women are overweight, and as a result, are at higher risk for chronic diseases. All they need is a little sweat-spiration.

Post-run eats “A veggie burger is really filling but doesn’t feel like I’ve ‘undone’ my workout.” — Ashley

Tech tips “I don’t think I could make it through my workouts without my Nike+ and Pandora apps to keep me motivated and energized. Music is what gets me through long runs.” — Toni

Medal-winning running gear “CW-X compression tights are amazing and I love to run in Mizuno sneakers for their great fit. The Wave Creations are my current favorite.” — Ashley

Locker room treats “Deodorant is key. You have to be fresh!” — Toni

“I always stock Yes to Carrots cleansing wipes and body butter to freshen up a bit and keep my skin moisturized.” — Ashley

A Fitterati Rising Star: Danielle Lullie

Written on May 21, 2012 at 3:23 pm , by

danielle lullie fitness

Danielle Lullie, 16, is a star blogger and cross-country runner from Cartersville, Georgia. (Photo courtesy of Danielle Lullie)

Inspiration can come in all sorts of packages, but the judges for the Fitterati Blogger Awards were still a bit floored when we discovered that one of the blogs leading the pack was maintained by a 16 year-old runner from Georgia. While the official rules prevented us from naming Danielle Lullie, creator of the Pinterest-like Tumblr blog Just Do It Then Do It Again, as an official Fitterati winner, we were more than happy give her an Honorable Mention…and get to know her a little bit better.

Brace yourself, FITNESS readers. You’re about to remember what it’s like to have raw motivation and a fresh belief in yourself.

Q: What’s your blog about?

DL: Just Do It Then Do It Again is full of motivational quotes and pictures for everyone. It represents hard work, not giving up, reaching your goals, running faster and a lot more.

Q: How do you think your blog stands out from other blogs?

DL: I think my fitness blog stands out from other blogs because it doesn’t focus on my life and my accomplishments. It’s there solely to motivate other people and myself.

Q: What is your fitness mantra/motto?

DL: My favorite one would have to be “I’m gonna show you how great I am,” by the true definition of a champion, Muhammad Ali. I also love how Lance Armstrong says we have two choices in life: Give up or fight like hell. Read more

Increase the Life of Your Running Shoes to Save Dough

Written on November 15, 2011 at 7:00 am , by

Give your sneaks a little TLC for a longer life span. (Photo courtesy of FitSugar)

High-quality sneakers definitely aren’t cheap! Costing upwards of $150, new running shoes can put quite a dent in your wallet. It’s recommended that you replace sneakers every 300 to 500 miles, which works out to every five to eight months if you’re running 15 miles a week. If your weekly mileage is more, you need to replace them even sooner (cue the cash register sound). You definitely don’t want to compromise on support or functionality, so try these strategies for prolonging the life of your shoes.

Buy Shoes Based on Terrain
If you run on uneven, wet trails, you’ll quickly wear through sneakers made for the road. Purchase shoes specifically designed for the surface you usually run on, and they’ll last a lot longer.

Use Them Only For Running
Even if your running shoes are cute enough for post-workout errands, reserve them just for your runs. The more you wear them, the faster they’ll wear out.

Undo the Laces
Rushing to fit your workout in means saving time whenever you can. But slipping your sneakers on or off without untying the laces can stretch out your sneaks, affecting the snug fit, causing you to need a new pair earlier than expected.

Air Them Out
Whether your kicks are wet from sweat or rain, don’t store them in a dark closet or stashed in your gym bag. Musty, moldy shoes will need to be replaced even sooner than the recommended time. Don’t place them on a radiator or in the dryer either — extreme heat will damage the leather and other fabrics on the shoe.

Keep reading for more ways increase the life of your fave sneaks.

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Fit Blogger We Love: Peanut Butter Runner

Written on August 11, 2011 at 3:39 pm , by

Written by Alexa Cortese, Web Intern

Jen wearing her marathon medal proudly

On Peanut Butter Runner, Jen chronicles her healthy lifestyle as a yoga teacher, marathon runner and healthy cook. And her anecdotes about her life with her college-sweetheart-turned hubby and their dog Sullie are too adorable to miss! The “fit, fueled and fun” blogger has an infectious smile in every race or exercise photo, which makes fitness look so enjoyable (because it can be)!

Five things I can’t live without: Garmin 305, peanut butter, Manduka yoga mat, iPhone and of course my sweet husband and golden retriever!

My favorite way to work out: I love running, practicing yoga and strength training.

My biggest indulgence: Dessert…pretty much daily! It’s an emergency situation when there is no ice cream in our freezer. Also, I love to bake so it’s not unusual to have homemade treats around the house.

I’m happiest when: I’m teaching. I teach yoga as well as BodyPump and other strength training classes. I am so motivated by the energy that my students bring to class and by their commitment to be healthy and do something good for their body and mind. No matter what is going on in my life, teaching always puts a smile on my face and takes me to a happy place!

My “I Did It” moment: Completing yoga teacher training. I struggled with the decision to commit to the training. Was it the right time? Was I ready? Could I make it work financially? Could I handle the time requirements? Eventually, I realized there was never going to be a perfect time so I took a leap of faith and went for it. The 200-hour yoga teacher training ended up being a transformational experience that set so many positive things in motion. It gave me confidence and enthusiasm to accomplish personal goals and inspired me to live a fulfilled and passionate life.

Do you have a favorite fit blogger you want us to highlight? Leave a comment below or email blog@fitnessmagazine.com.

Fit Blogger We Love: Ali on the Run

Written on August 4, 2011 at 4:58 pm , by

Alison Feller

Ali after she finished the National Half Marathon.

Looking for someone that’s going to brighten your mood because of her hyper-positive outlook on life? Head over to Ali on the Run, where we became addicted to her blog almost as fast as she did to 16 Handles’ frozen yogurt. Ali’s witty personality shines through her words, and we can’t help but follow along as she trains for her first marathon while fundraising through Run for the Rabbit. Read on to learn about how this girl fights Crohn’s disease while having the time of her life.

On my fit life list: I’m dying to take a trapeze class. Though, of course, the number one thing on my fit list list is running a marathon! I can’t wait to cross the finish line of the Hampton’s Marathon on September 24! Not only will this be my first marathon, but I’m raising money for a cause I’m so passionate about: the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s when I was seven, so I’ve pretty much had the disease my entire life. I’ve had a couple of rough flare-ups over the years, but now I’m ready to prove that you can have Crohn’s and run a marathon! When I cross that finish line, I know we’ll be that much closer to finding a cure.

I’m happiest when I’m: Running. Sweating. Eating ice cream. Laughing. Walking aimlessly around New York City. In a hotel bed. Apple picking in New Hampshire. Playing with a puppy. Spending time with my family. Riding around on a speed boat. Not all of these things at the same time though…

My fave fit snack: I make my own trail mix because I hate the super-salty store-bought kinds! I mix cereal, raisins, dry roasted peanuts, almonds and dark chocolate M&Ms. Then I eat it by the handful, and I have an awful habit of dropping pieces down my shirt while doing so. Oops.

Most embarrassing song I’ll admit I work out to: It’s not easy to embarrass me. I have no shame in admitting that my most-played running song is “So Much Better” from the Legally Blonde: The Musical soundtrack. Also in heavy rotation on my playlist: A house remix of the Tetris theme song, a ton of Celine Dion and “Break My Stride” by Ace of Base.

My fitness mantra: “If you can, you must.” One of my spinning instructors shouted this at us during class once. It’s such a great point. There are so many people who for various reasons can’t work out. I have a healthy, functioning body. I should take advantage of it, enjoy it and sweat my little heart out.

My “I Did It” moment: I shocked myself by running the National Half Marathon in 1:44 this past March! I had just gone through a devastating breakup, my living situation was in limbo and I just needed to get away. So I went to Washington, D.C., dug deep and ran fast. My goal was to break two hours in that race and I ended up shaving a full 16 minutes off of my previous personal record!

Want to meet this blogger in person? As part of Ali’s fundraising efforts for Run for the Rabbit, she will be hosting a get-together at JackRabbit Sports in the Upper East Side of New York, N.Y. on August 11 at 6:30 p.m. Enjoy some yummy (free!) food and drinks and meet fellow runners—and for each store purchase, 15 percent of the proceeds will go to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. She’ll also be selling “Team Ali” T-shirts so you can run in style!

Do you have a favorite fit blogger you want us to highlight? Tell us in the comments below.

Fit Blogger We Love: Beneath It All

Written on July 28, 2011 at 4:11 pm , by

Kelly after finishing the Iron Girl half-marathon in Florida this April.

Kelly from Beneath It All has inspired us with her intense training regimen for her upcoming half Ironman. As a recent college grad who is in the midst of wedding planning, this girl is taking on a lot of changes with no fears! We love her positive outlook on life, her family of fitness enthusiasts and the coupon clipping tips she posts to help us all save some hard-earned cash. Read on for more about her fitness dreams and how she reaches the finish line.

I’m happiest when I’m: With my two dogs and fiance, Anthony! We adopted our dogs from shelters and giving them a good life is really important to us.

On my fit life list: I hope to complete a full Ironman someday. I’m currently training for my first half Ironman and am loving the training! I can’t imagine how awesome it would feel to cross the finish line of a full. That 140.6 car sticker is calling my name!

My “I Did It” moment: When I first got into running, I randomly signed up for a 15-mile trail race with friends. I had only completed a couple of 5Ks previously, and my longest training run was 10 miles. No other finish line has ever felt so good.

My biggest indulgence: I have a huge sweet tooth! I eat ice cream almost every night.

My motivation comes from: My desire to live a healthy and full life. I have the word “live” tattooed on my foot to remind myself to live every day to the fullest. I never want to regret not accomplishing my goals.

Do you have a favorite fit blogger you want us to highlight? Leave a comment below or email blog@fitnessmagazine.com.

Bloggers Unite to Fundraise and Fight Cancer

Written on July 25, 2011 at 5:23 pm , by

Susan and Janetha at the Foodbuzz Festival in November 2010. Photo courtesy of Janetha at Meals and Moves.

Susan (left) and Janetha at the Foodbuzz Festival. (Photo courtesy of Janetha at Meals and Moves)

If there was ever any doubt about the healthy living blogging community and the support system it creates, Janetha from Meals and Moves has erased it all. She’s spearheaded The Great Fundraising Act, or TGFA—an online auction that is donating all of the proceeds to Susan, a fellow blogger who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Susan and Janetha officially met last fall when they were roommates for the Foodbuzz Festival in November, but they had been following each other’s blogs since April 2009. The two became fast friends, and when Janetha heard about Susan’s cancer diagnosis and the fact that she had to pay for her medicine (to the tune of $5,000 a month) she knew she had to help. Soon after, TGFA was born.

Intending to hold a bake sale that would “hopefully raise a few thousand dollars,” Janetha sent out emails to anyone in the blog world that might have a connection to Susan, asking if they’d be willing to donate baked goods. After an overwhelming amount of support, the bloggers recommended Janetha contact companies for charitable contributions. More support rolled in and TGFA ended up with over 170 items to auction away!

TGFA began at 8 a.m. EST today and has raised over $20,000. “People are so generous, it makes me want to cry,” Janetha says. “I’ve read tweets that say things like, ‘I don’t have any grocery money this week, but I’m still donating.’ I’m just completely astonished by the love and support that’s coming from all directions.”

Awesome products like a one-year supply of Chobani Greek yogurt, a travel package to Universal Studios in Hollywood, and tons of healthy, baked goods are ready for the taking, with staggered closing times until 11 p.m. Make sure you check it out!

If you’d like to simply make a direct donation to Susan to help cover the cost of her medical bills, you can donate via PayPal here.

And if you think there might be something you want post-TGFA, Janetha will be setting up an “After the Act” page next week that will list more products for sale at a set price!

Now tell us: What’s on your fitness wish list that you’d love to see auctioned off?

Fit Blogger We Love: Sweet Tooth Runner

Written on July 21, 2011 at 4:26 pm , by

Written by Alexa Cortese, web intern

Sweet Tooth Runner caught our eye with her dessert first attitude. But Emma eats healthy “most of the time” because it makes her feel good. With her love of sweets and dedication to living a healthy and fit life, Emma is living proof of the motto “balance is key.”

Emma, the Sweet Tooth Runner

Get to know this fit blogger better:

5 things I can’t live without: My running shoes, chocolate chips, all nut butters (currently have 12 open jars…obsessed!), Whole Foods and my Google Reader (blog reading is an addiction of mine).

My biggest motivator: Blogging! Seriously, I love all the friends I’ve made through blogging, and they never cease to amaze me. Also, being passionate about running and fitness and enjoying every sweaty moment makes me look forward to workouts!

On my fit life list: Run a marathon and qualify for Boston! I want to run a sub 3-hour marathon someday…yeah, I like to think big! I’d also love to be able to do any exercises on a Swiss ball without rolling right off, but I think for me that’s an impossible dream.

My “I Did It” moment: When I ran my first mile only one year ago! I was the girl who couldn’t run the 800 meters in school, so running one mile was the biggest achievement ever for me! If you’d told that girl that a year on she’d be running miles for fun she wouldn’t have believed you!

Most embarrassing song I’ll admit I work out to: I have a Disney playlist. Enough said.

Do you have a favorite fit blogger you want us to highlight? Tell us in the comments below or send an email to blog@fitnessmagazine.com.

Fit Blogger We Love: Mile 26 and More

Written on July 8, 2011 at 2:05 pm , by

Heather with her son after finishing the Cleveland Marathon

We came across Heather’s blog, Mile 26 and More, from one of your recommendations on our last Fit Blogger We Love post, and we’re still wondering how this mom and marathoner juggles work, parenting, training and teaching fitness classes all while making it look fun. Here are more tidbits about this multitasking runner:

5 things I can’t live without: iPhone, Lululemon racer back tanks, running shoes, dark chocolate, my family

I’m happiest when I’m: Being active with my husband and son.  We love bike rides, hikes, parks, swimming, you name it!

Most embarrassing song I’ll admit I work out to: My iPod has mostly hip hop music on it, but there are a few songs from the musical, Newsies, that pop up once in awhile.  My sister and I LOVE that movie!

My fitness mantra: “Try Before You Cry!”  I always use this when teaching my group fitness classes.  You never know if you’re going to like something, or how strong you really are until you try!

My “I Did It” moment: Crossing the finish line at the Cleveland marathon with my husband and son.  This was my second marathon in 2 weeks and the first one was not what I had hoped for.  But the day of the Cleveland marathon was “my day” – perfect weather and the perfect race.  I felt great and finished right under my goal – I was seriously on cloud 9!

Do you have a favorite fit blogger you want us to highlight? Tell us in the comments below.

Fit Blogger We Love: FANNEtastic Food

Written on June 30, 2011 at 8:34 am , by

Anne holding her medal after completing the DC National Half Marathon!

We admire this runner and foodie’s recent big life change: quitting her cubicle job to move to Europe and then back to the U.S. to become a registered dietitian. Her blog features photos of healthy food that’ll make you drool and gorgeous scenery that’ll make you want to pack your bags for your own adventure! Here’s more about this soon-to-be R.D.:

I’m happiest when I’m: Outside! Hiking, running, biking, swimming, walking…you name it! If it’s outdoors, I probably love it.

My fave fit snack: Greek yogurt with fruit, my Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Granola Bars or my 5-Minute No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars!

Most embarrassing song I’ll admit I work out to: I have a very random mix of music on my computer, and sometimes old school Disney movie songs come on. I’ve definitely rocked out to “Hakuna Matata” before while running. I may or may not still know all the words.

Olympic sport I’d love to try: Probably something super random like synchronized swimming, just to see what it was like. I have a feeling it would be a lot harder than it looks…

My “I Did It” Moment: Finishing my first half-marathon! Not only had I trained hard, but it was also approximately 1,000 billion degrees that day so finishing was an even bigger accomplishment than I had anticipated! I’ve since gone on to run a second half-marathon (and knocked nearly 15 minutes off my time due to better training and race day conditions), but I’m not sure anything will top the relief and pride I felt crossing the finish line that first time.

Do you have a favorite fit blogger you want us to highlight? Tell us in the comments below.