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Confidence-Boosting Tips From “What Not to Wear” Fashion Guru Stacy London

Written on July 9, 2013 at 9:01 am , by


Unleash your inner confidence with London’s attitude-adjusting tips. (Photo courtesy of AbbVie)

Written by Chloe Metzger, editorial intern

No matter how good you know your butt actually looks in those yoga pants, we all have days when our confidence seems to disappear. Stacy London, stylist and co-host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” deals daily with body-image issues—onscreen and off. After being diagnosed with psoriasis when she was four years old—a chronic, autoimmune condition that appears as thick, flaky red skin patches— and spending her life trying to overcome feelings of helplessness, London has launched the “Uncover Your Confidence” campaign to empower others to do just that. “I’ve had to learn that psoriasis is just a part of me, not all of me,” says London. Read on to see how she keeps those bad hair/skin/mood days from crushing her cool.

Fake it ‘til you make it. “I’ve always believed that style is associated with self-esteem,” explains London. Regardless of your confidence-killing condition, “it’s about not letting it own you,” she says. “You get to take control again.”

Take baby steps. “That sense of hopelessness; that sense of resignation, really does pervade so much of women’s health,” says London. “When you feel like you’re spiraling and can’t take control, it’s about the little baby steps; finding something that puts a little kick in your step.” If you’re dealing with a skin condition, finding the right dermatologist is one way to regain control, explains London. “Learning about colors that look better on ruddy skin when you suffer from psoriasis is a fashion-forward step toward feeling more confident and in control.” 

Get inspired to sweat. “Being healthy and active is so important not only for your physical health, but your mental health, too,” London says. “Music is really important to [my fitness regime]. I’ve been going to a trainer in a communal gym, and I insist that they play electronic dance music, or I can’t get into it. Everyone’s gotta be dancing to Swedish House Mafia during the set or it doesn’t happen.” Reboot your workout by downloading an energizing, get-up-and-move playlist.

Look good to feel good. “Whether you’re unhappy with your weight or, like me, with your skin, find an item of clothing that makes you feel good about yourself,” explains London. “If you walk around dressing like you look resigned, it only feeds the problem; it doesn’t solve it.” You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for fitness—look for the right workout clothes for your body type to look hot even when you feel, well, totally not.

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Embrace Your Belly! S.E.A.K. Can Help With That

Written on April 19, 2012 at 11:41 am , by

Jenny Gaither, founder of S.E.A.K. and the Sports Bra Challenge. (Photo courtesy of S.E.A.K.)

Are you that girl that wants to rip off your tank during a grueling Tabata class or during an extra hot and sweaty indoor cycling class, or maybe the heat in Bikram yoga just makes you feel so free that you want to…? Are you thinking how great it would be to lose the shirt and sport that pretty Lululemon sports bra, but you’re wondering is everyone else OK with me being OK with this? Wonder no more. Embrace this feeling, love your body, feel the sweat and let it all out!

Sometimes there is one moment that has more of an impact than you even thought it could—that’s what happened when SoulCycle instructor Jenny Gaither expanded a one-time sports bra challenge class into an entire movement. She wanted to empower more than a single classroom to push past their insecurities and really love their lady curves—and show the world they can rock it in a sports bra. So next month on May 17, Jenny’s nonprofit organization, the S.E.A.K. (Strive Embrace Achieve Know) Foundation will host it’s debut event in Union Square Park. This can’t-miss movement called the Sports Bra Challenge will be an outdoor workout, packed with back-to-back turbo-charged 100 seat SoulCycle cycling classes and a group yoga session led by popular yogi Halle Becker. All proceeds raised on this day will go to the S.E.A.K. Foundation, which will initiate and support after-school programs to help young girls face body image issues and promote positive self-esteem when it’s needed most; and the City of Hope, an organization which supports women going through chemotherapy and rehabilitation during medial treatments.

Love yours! (Photo courtesy of S.E.A.K.)

The Sports Bra Challenge asks you to take a look at yourself and be proud of where you are with your body—so pull out that best sports bra and hop on a bike or hit a mat this May during Women’s Health Week. You don’t have to be there on May 17th to participate—ask your favorite gym class to host a sports bra only day and raise money to donate to these charities.

I scored a coveted seat at last week’s kickoff event at SoulCycle Union Square and a sampler of instructors brought out their best tunes and tricks—a little taste of what I know is to come! Registration for seats are open now and although prices aren’t cheap—get your charity sites up (set up your own and create a PayPal account)—you’re sure to feel good about being part of this day.

Bonus: Hosted by the girls who got their groove back, Biggest Loser winner and runner-up Olivia Ward and her sister Hannah Curlee, and a surprise guest (Lady Gaga is that you!?) who will be motivating you to move!

Check out this movement that’s sure to touch anybody who’s ever thought about rocking it in a sports bra! (Need some inspiration? Check out our favorites!)


Make 2012 Your Most Stylish Year Yet

Written on January 11, 2012 at 2:04 pm , by

Rock bright heels to add some personality to any outfit. (Photo by Anna Wolf)

Written by Lauren Cardarelli, editorial intern

If your style could use some freshening up—the confidence that comes with it translates to every place in your life!—look no further than these tips from fashion editor, style expert and TV personality Jacqui Stafford. Get the skinny about slimming clothes, and since we are FITNESS, we had to ask about her stay-fit secrets.

What is your favorite current fashion trend?

My favorite trend of the moment is a bold cuff. Really great accessories make you stand out when you walk into the room.

What are five essential items or accessories we need in our wardrobes?

  1. To slim over those areas that you are less confident about and get the perfect feminine silhouette, try a dress with draping or ruching.
  2. A waist-cinching belt, creates an hourglass figure for any body type.
  3. Opaque tights are an essential wardrobe item for any woman who wants to appear slimmer. They open up your entire wardrobe, so you feel comfortable to wear shorts, short dresses and skirts.
  4. If you have great legs, boldly-colored heels will draw attention to shapely calves and slender ankles.
  5. For a great accessory that shows off your neckline and shoulders, try a bib necklace. It will create a visual illusion that makes you look longer and leaner.

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Confidence-Boosting Tips from WNBA Star Candace Parker

Written on April 18, 2011 at 11:03 am , by

Playtex Sport has recently teamed up with WNBA player Candace Parker for the “Be Unstoppable” movement, an online campaign to inspire girls to be more active and confident every day. You can join the “Be Unstoppable” community on Facebook and Twitter and upload a video or photo of yourself having fun and being fit. With every upload, $5 will be donated to the Women’s Sports Foundation—a fun and easy way to help girls and women stay fit!

Candace Parker, Photo by Gary B. Garman, courtesy of Playtex Sport

Candace Parker, Photo by Gary B. Garman, courtesy of Playtex Sport

We talked to the basketball star about being a role model to kids and asked for get-confident tips for women of all ages:

Why did you become a part of this campaign?

I’m very excited to be a part of the Be Unstoppable movement. It’s a perfect fit for me because it inspires young girls to be more active, helps them to be more confident and gives back to the Women’s Sports Foundation.

How important are positive role models to kids?

For me growing up, it was important to see others who were active, to know that you can do it too. Anyone can be a role model. Just get out there and have an active lifestyle.

Who were your role models growing up?

I was a soccer player until 7th grade and Mia Hamm was a true inspiration for me. Seeing her play encouraged me to keep playing. Watching her do her thing made me believe that I could do the same, too.

How are you helping your daughter get more confident and healthy?

It can be as simple as showing her through your daily actions and doing fun activities with her. It doesn’t have to be basketball. As long as she’s having fun, she’ll become more confident in her abilities. In fact, she likes playing soccer more than basketball so I play with her when I’m off the court.

How can other women be more fit and get into sports?

Just go out there and have fun. It’s never too late to be more active. When you’re active, you become more confident and you’ll meet more people who can encourage you to stay fit. If you’re trying something new, understand you’re not going to be perfect, but I’m sure Michael Jordan wasn’t perfect when he first started playing basketball. And that’s what’s great about the “Be Unstoppable” movement: you can see girls just like you who are doing the same things you love and having fun.

So how can you get involved with the “Be Unstoppable” movement? Upload a photo or video of yourself on their Facebook page, which will automatically add a $5 donation to the Women’s Sports Foundation.