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3 Healthy Candy Swaps for Trick or Treating

Written on October 30, 2013 at 2:46 pm , by

Consider handing out a little less sugar. (Photo by Bryan McCay)

Happy almost-Halloween! Outside of the topic of costumes, the next important topic revolving around this ghoulish holiday is, of course, the candy.

With two kids, we’ll be hitting up the trick-or-treating circuit. I don’t know who will get more, but I do know that in either case it’s. A. Lot.  Estimates suggest kids eat about 3 cups worth of candy on Halloween night alone.  That doesn’t even speak to the leftovers for the next week or so!

If you and your family want to enjoy candy, enjoy candy. Our girls will, within reason. We usually have them pick their 5 favorites and then toss the rest.

But candy isn’t just coming into the house. Sometimes it just stays there, never leaving. After all, who’s guilty of buying too much candy when they invite trick-or-treaters to their doorstep? I know we have. For a fighting chance in the battle of the bulge, consider picking some better-for-you choices this year. That way, when your neighborhood kids don’t come in droves like you expect, you’ll still have some goodies to munch on (nom, nom, nom). Need some ideas? These are the 3 we’ll be offering:

Wonderful Pistachios. These are a go-to Halloween giveaway for us.  It started last year when our then-3.5-year-old saw the little bags in the grocery store and wanted some.  Always happy to oblige when she asks for quality foods, we picked them up. To our surprise, we actually had several kids thank us for giving something different, and their parents were equally as happy.  Less sugar highs! They can be found in a 1-oz. bag, providing just 80 calories of nutrient-rich goodness without any added sugars.

POM POMS are new treats we’ll try this year, now that they’re for sale in convenient individual containers. Handing out fresh pomegranates might be a bit weird, so these prepackaged seeds are ideal. POM arils (the edible seeds) are nutritious, delivering nutrients like vitamins C & K, potassium and fiber, among others.  They’re crunchy.  They’re sweet.  And they’re nice for variety to move away from the typical candy.  The downside: they can be messy, so help your kids eat them (and steal some for yourself to enjoy in cottage cheese, Greek yogurt or just as a plain snack).

Justin’s 80-Calorie Nut Butter Packs.  OK, these might just be a bit too addicting.  I was recently introduced to them at the Annual Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference. They’re convenient, healthy and packed with nutrition.

Now while you might be thinking our house will get egged, last year when we gave out Pistachios and mini Clif Bars, we actually had several “thank you’s” from parents…and even their kids. Think about it, and enjoy your trick or treating!

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A Sweaty—and Sweet!—Way to Kick Off Summer

Written on May 22, 2012 at 12:53 pm , by

Pick up a treat after you pedal for the pups. (Photo courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar)

There’s little we love more in the world than a workout that benefits a good cause. Knowing that someone or some group is counting on you is just the extra dose of motivation you need to get out the door and get sweating! That’s why we were excited to hear about the sweet way Flywheel and Dylan’s Candy Bar are teaming up to officially start summer this weekend.

This Saturday, Flywheel co-founder Ruth Zukerman and Dylan’s Candy Bar CEO and founder Dylan Lauren (who also happens to be Ralph’s daughter) are hosting a charity cycling ride in the Hamptons to benefit the Monmouth County Shelter for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MCSPCA). Both Lauren and Zukerman love sweets—in moderation—almost as much as they adore animals, so their event coming up in the Hamptons is a match made in heaven. And the cause has special meaning to Lauren, who adopted her own Collie-Labrador puppy from MCSPCA earlier this year.

Riders can donate $30 to participate in the 45-minute candy-themed Flywheel class (a favorite of celebs including Sofia Vergara, Katie Couric and Hilary Swank), with proceeds going to the MCSPCA. After the ride, the feel-good high continues at Dylan’s Candy Bar, where participants will be treated to some of the lighter options, like the 100-Calorie Belgium Chocolate Bars.

If you’re interested in participating in this Memorial Day weekend event, email avividor@fullpic.com to RSVP.

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Fit Links: Halloween Costumes, Songs and Sugar

Written on October 28, 2011 at 4:26 pm , by

Don't just use them for decorations! Pumpkins pack plenty vitamin A and C. (Photo courtesy of Alloy Photography/Veer)

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Taste Test: Does “Supercandy” SNAP Infusion Measure Up?

Written on September 13, 2011 at 3:19 pm , by


Photo courtesy of Formula PR

We all love indulging in candy once in a while, and with Halloween right around the corner (can you believe we’re halfway through September?), stores are flooding the candy aisles with every variety you can think of. One new treat to hit the shelves? SNAP Infusion, a “naturally designed supercandy” that’s supposed to be healthier than the regular stuff, yet taste just as good. We’re not ones to recommend a new product without giving it a whirl ourselves, so we had a little taste test in the office. Check out the results below!

We Tried: SNAP Tarts vs. Sweet Tarts

Winner: SNAP Tarts! “They taste a little bit like chewable vitamins, which I like,” says associate beauty editor April. “They have a satisfying tartness too, and I kept going back for more! I’d pick these over Sweet Tarts, especially knowing that they’re better for you.”

We Tried: SNAP Mel (caramel) vs. Rolo’s

Winner: Rolo’s…kind of. While our assistant fashion editor, Melissa, would instinctively go for a Rolo, she would pick up SNAP for help with portion control. “They taste yummy, are miniature, and they have vitamins and antioxidants,” she says. “What’s not to love?”

We Tried: SNAP Citrus Gum vs. Trident Layers’ “Wild Strawberry Tangy Citrus” Gum

Winner: It’s a tie. Digital director Christie wasn’t a fan, but says “if you like Fruity Pebbles, you’ll love this gum. Each piece is very flavorful at first, but there was a weird after taste.” Associate art director Lauren also noted the odd after taste, but says, “I love the idea of vitamins in gum. I would definitely chew it for something sweet.”

SNAP will also be featuring a gummy and bean soon! Check their website for updates on the official release.

Now tell us: Would you opt for a healthier candy, or splurge on the well-known treats?