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Kristen Diederich

Fit Links: Constant Cold Symptoms? Try These Tricks

Written on February 11, 2011 at 12:26 pm , by

Photo by Karen Pearson

Photo by Karen Pearson

A few of our favorite fit links from around the web:

5 Fit Things to Do Together This Valentine’s Day

Written on February 10, 2011 at 10:50 am , by

Photot by Chris Craymer/TrunkArchive.com

Photo by Chris Craymer/TrunkArchive.com

February 14th doesn’t have to mean candy hearts and decadent chocolate desserts. Here are five fun things to do with your sweetie that don’t involve a lot of fat and calories.

1. Get a couple’s massage. Relax, de-stress and enjoy the afterglow of a great massage together. Some spas will even offer Valentine’s packages that include special extras like wine and cheese.

2. Escape to an active winter getaway. Take the weekend to enjoy some of the best aspects of winter weather: skiing, snowshoeing, or horseback riding through picturesque snowy trails. Bonus: Nothing feels better than a dip in a hot tub after a day out on the trails.

3. Cook a romantic dinner for two at home. Overall, eating at home is much healthier than dining in a restaurant. You’re likely to consume far fewer calories and less fat and sodium. Plus, spending a little quality time together in the kitchen makes the meal that much more romantic. (Recreate the restaurant experience with these gourmet recipes!)

4. Dance. When was the last time you swayed cheek-to-cheek with your partner? Turn up the tunes and ask for the next dance.

5. Have sex. While it won’t burn as many calories as your spin class, sex can sometimes still be quite a workout. And it sure beats time on the treadmill.

What fun activities do you have planned for this V-day?

Fit Links: Have a Healthier Super Bowl Party

Written on February 4, 2011 at 3:24 pm , by

You can do better than pizza! Photo by Laura Doss

A few of our favorite fit links from around the web:

More from FITNESS: 5 Ways to Make Your Super Bowl Party Diet-Friendly

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Why Eating Breakfast is Still a Good Idea

Written on January 24, 2011 at 11:32 am , by

Yes, you should still eat breakfast!

Photograph by Laura Doss

If you’ve seen any of the recent headlines proclaiming that BREAKFAST IS MAKING YOU FAT, you may be thinking about swearing off all food before noon. But before you toss your bran flakes and skip your morning smoothie, we suggest reading the entire article. It’s not breakfast that’s causing people to gain weight –- it’s BIG breakfasts.

A study conducted by German researchers recently found that eating more calories at breakfast did not reduce the number of calories individuals consumed in a day. No matter how big their breakfast, the participants still ate the same amounts at lunch and dinner. The study concluded that eating a big, hearty breakfast could lead to consuming more calories per day. But it’s very important to note that these participants weren’t exactly helping themselves to a second bowl of fruit salad. Read more