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Why Do You Run? Check Out This Inspirational Campaign

Written on March 20, 2013 at 1:06 pm , by

We all have different motivations behind our fitness goals. Regardless of what they are, we’re happy to have you join us in getting fit and strong.  Which is why we were touched after seeing Dick’s Sporting Goods’ “Every Runner Has a Reason” campaign. Each week for 13 weeks, Dick’s is sharing a runner’s story about why they’re lacing up and getting on the road. This week’s video is about Sally, who was encouraged by her friend Lisa to start running to help cope with her husband’s death from melanoma. She’s gone from barely running a mile to completing marathons.  Watch it below and head over to DicksSportingGoods.com in the next 12 weeks for more moving stories.

(You might want to have tissues handy for this.)



Now tell us: Why do you run?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/angela.l.marchetti Angela Lynn Marchetti

    I run because my doctor told me I couldn’t. Was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and osteo in both knees. Lost 87 lbs.. ran 3 half’s and a 10 miler last year, a month after having surgery I might add. =) Never tell me never!

  • Tim

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