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Giveaway Alert: Limited Edition Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom

Written on September 28, 2012 at 8:00 am , by

Now that it’s officially Fall, we know workout motivation tends to dip with the temperature. What better way to keep up your mojo than with a new gadget? We’re giving away one limited edition Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom in gold and white. This watch not only syncs with your Nike+ sneakers to track your workouts, it also acts like a personal coach with reminders and new challenges to help you stay on top of your goals. Plus, you’ll be the envy of other runners–this gold and white watch, worth $169.99, is only available in small quantities at select retailers.

How can you score this awesome tool? Simply leave a comment on this post telling us your workout goals for fall, anytime from now until 9:00 a.m. EST October 12.

Official Rules.


  • Anna hile

    I am a mother of two and I am getting ready to run my third half marathon . My husband is getting ready to deploy so my goal is to lose 20 pounds and be ready for a full marathon before he returns home.

  • LaurenLately

    This fall I am planning on running my first half marathon to qualify for the Disney princess half marathon in Feb. I hope to plan a trip to Disney in Feb for my moms birthday and the race. I have been running since grade school and I cannot wait to take on this challenge. I worked for Nike this past year and Love their products. I have been wanting a GPS watch to run with for a long time. I think this watch would add to my motivation to run more and provide as an accurate training guide. I love this product and the limited edition looks Beautiful. I would be so grateful to win the TOMTOM NIKE GPS Watch!! Run with your heart & soul! 

  • Sbrenner17

    Every morning I am at the gym before work. I reference bodybuilding.com to find my workouts, vitamins, and motivation. My fitness goals are to put on more muscle mass then lost 8 pounds of fat. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/krissyar Krissy Rouse Higgins

    I plan on continuing my work out regiment and building my tolerance up for running. I want to be a runner! 

  • Dee

    My goal is to run at least 30 minutes two days a week and a 5k or 10k once a week to prepare for a half marathon I wish to complete in February. This is the beginning to a a new way of life for me.

  • Donna C

    I want to start running. At this moment my goal is to walk/run at least one day a week. Then, I’ll bump it up every week.

  • Mays

    I’m doing the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th!  I’d love to have a great watch like this to motivate and inspire me.

  • Tamara R

    I just bought a yoga dvd and new running clothes. My fall workout goals are yoga every morning and to up my running game, ie go at least 3 times a week and up the distance every time. Would be awesome to have this watch to time my performance!

  • Gcscoachdee

    I walk Dailey 2miles. Rain or shine :)

  • Hbleil

    I plan on doing Conditioning and strength training 4 days a week, running 3-4 miles 2 days a week, and yoga 1-2 days. I have a busy work schedule so if I know I have events in the evening those will be my running days in the am before work. I live in a hilly area and some great trails to explore on runs before weather turns too bad. This watch is awesome and I want it bad!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542068122 Cheri Brown Lyon

    I have been overweight for most of my adult life. In the past year, I have gained about 15lbs on top of the excess weight I was already carrying. I have a 6 year old daughter and am always talking to her about being healthy and exercising. I have yo-yo dieted for years, but have never been able to get into consistent exercise routine. A couple of months ago it really hit me how hypocritical I was being with my daughter. I hve to practice what I preach. I started working out 20 minutes each day, and increased by 5 minutes each week. Now I am at about 40 minutes a day and I am running. I have never been a runner. I am down about 15 lbs and have more energy than ever. My goal is to be an example to my daughter.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z47HLRVH4KGQ2ZLO44JTYS5L44 Madeline Anderson

    My goals for fall are to get into a solid running routine and enter in a half marathon in January. My long runs consist of 7 miles, but I can’t seem to break past that point. I am almost at my goal weight of 135lbs, I’m 143 right now. I use Nike+ with every run and put a goal in my mind to beat, and with this watch I could break past my 7 mile point.

  • Lesliemlivingstone

    I was a competitive athlete in college, and life got in the way.  I am now a divorced mother of 3 and 120 pound over weight.  I have already lost 50 pounds and look forward to 60-70 more.  I am currently training for my first triathlon.

  • Trauber24

    I am a FRESHMAN COLLEGE CROSS COUNTRY RUNNER!! my goal this season is to place in the top ten at NATIONALS!!(: 

  • Briannegriffiths

    My goal is to place top three in the NPC “the Rocky” on November 17th for figure!!! :) commit to be fit!

  • http://www.facebook.com/wonder.smith Wonder Smith

    I am trying to get in shape to help my asthma. My 2 main goals are to be able to run a half marathon and to be able to run with out having to use my rescue inhaler. The more I walk/run, the more I can tell that it is improving. I do aerobics at least 2x a week with some weightlifting and try to walk if not run at least 2 days a week. I am going to have to push myself even more as it starts to get cooler because I am a total wimp in the cold! Thank goodness for Nike+, it helps keep me motivated by giving me fun little flags for my achievements, and by letting me set goals and watching my progress.  

  • mollycait

    My goal is to break through the “mental block” that is impeding my running! 

  • Gizmosgirl91

    As a studying Dietetics student and personal trainer my schedule is pretty hectic, but I am able to finally relax for the day when I know I get to go on a long run. I ran my first half marathon in Febraury and have since dedicated myself to my schooling but hope that this watch would give me the motivation to not only push myself into another big race again but to inspire others (such as clients, family, friends) to better themselves as well. 

  • Julimi

    I was a gymnast but had a lower back injury and I really want to feel as strong as I used to back then so I’m getting back into running and weights.

  • Lindilala

    I’m going to be doing a lot of hills and reps

  • Flippingdancer

    My workout goals are just to be able to complete the workouts that I say that I’m going to. I’m not focusing on numbers right now but just completion

  • Candy12185

    My weight loss goal is able to fit into my skinny jeans again! Another 30 pounds of weight loss

  • Miranda

    I am getting ready to run my 3rd half marathon. I have done all of my training with a simple timed watch and I would love to really zero in on my pace to improve speed. I am by no means fast! Someday I would love to finish in 2.5 hours!

  • Yssaroo

    my goal is simple.. most days. its a daily goal.. to make it out the door everyday to run. the distance nor the pace rarely matters. it just sooo good to clear my head, pound the pavement, and sweat. i am a better wife, mother, and woman because of it <3 when i feel amazing, it doesn't stop with me.. i always pay it forward :) and actively convince others to do the same.

  • MrsChristinaNJohnson

    My workout goals for fall are to change gears and get ready to compete for the USA’s 2016 Olympics Womens Track and Field Team. I was hurt for the 2008 Olympics and I let myself go for a lack of confidence. I’m not ready to get out of this funk and start training again. Afterall… my competetion didn’t take the summer off!

  • Marthalynn

    I’d like to be active at least 30 minutes/day at least 4 days/week!

  • Lindsey Serhan

    My goal for fall is to make all of my CrossFit wods each week and PR in back squat! I also just signed up for a half marathon this winter, so my goal this season is to kick start my training for a 2:00 time. Could definitely use this watch for training!

  • Carmelaeleazar

    My goal is perfect stomach

  • IngridFerrisBJJ

    I have always been a super active girl, hiking, running, and circuit training. I am in love with brazilian jiu jitsu, which is a demanding sport. It tests and challenges me everyday to be faster, stronger & have more stamina. I circuit train twice a week with my fellow students, but need more to be in the shape I need for tournaments & competitions. I could definitely use the help to keep me going hard and be able to see my progress so that I can be 100% ready to step on the mats and face whoever opposes me!

  • NH

    I’ll try to do Core Fusion or spin class once a week, supplemented by running, my fave Jackie Warner DVD, and trying new workouts from Fitness Mag to keep it exciting! Also I’ve been trying to cut back on refined sugar and carbs and adding more whole foods to my diet, so I hope to keep that up!

  • Troy Lubbers

    I’ve entered the base building portion of my running year.  Lots and lots of long easy runs to build my aerobic capacity. I would love to use this to track my data. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Angelaforsyth74

    I want to be able to run a ten mile run. Upto six now

  • D-Marie

    To successfully train for my first half marathon. The fall is when my training will take place, and a GPS would be amazing!

  • Gypsisoul1111

    My goals for this fall are at least 3 5k races, and 15 Pure Barre classes and a FLAT stomach!!!

  • Daphnechurch

    My goal is to weigh 145 by the time I turn 45 and rid myself of my insomnia, fibromyalgia and replace it with self-love. That’s 57 lbs in 4.5 mths so this would be a tremendous help and serve as a daily–and hourly–reminder to stay on track and also cherish the journey.

  • Marilyn C.

    I have several fall goals but my main one is to be able to run 10 k again by the end of the year. Using Mainly HIIT interval training with a combination of UGI, kettlebells and exercise ball to strengthen my body, long slow easy runs to increase endurance once a week or a long hike. And of course a once a week sprint to make sure my legs still can pick up speed.

  • http://twitter.com/pbkup Diane Redcay

    My goal is to lose 20 lbs get strong & run races

  • Rhi Cook

    I Have been down all summer with ANOTHER knee injury, but have been working hard trying to work back up to the long runs that my body craves. Back in April I tore my meniscus for the third time in the past five years and my doctor told me again I need to stop running. While I respect that medical opinion, he has no idea how running saves my life. Even if I tear it numerous times more, it’s always worth it when I get back outside on a nice fall day and slip in a strong 6 miles before heading off to work. I’m gettin stronger and can’t wait to get back out there this fall.

  • Niteowwl1978

    My fitness goals for this fall include getting back to the gym after dealing with another kidney flare up.

  • Dmurray0521

    My workout goals for this fall are to increase my endurance and strength to be able to run a whole 5k event straight for the first time! I will be implementing plenty of HITT workouts and strength training with heavy weight! :-)

  • Dmurray0521

    ***oops I meant HIIT

  • Brittany jones

    I’m relatively new to running. I started to run when the doctor told me in on the road to high cholesterol. So I took up the sport to train for a marathon next year and get fit! I currently use Nike plus when running and I live the product, so I can only imagine how awesome this watch is!

  • Terramisu

    I’ve started eating clean & managed to lose 15lbs so if really like to start being more active. I’d love to start using the weight machines and maybe use the treadmill on rainy days for the upcoming c25k program I’ll be starting.

  • Christel

    I hated running when I was growing up, but now that I’ve lost more than 20 lbs and want to increase my fitness level, I want to change how I feel about running and make it a point to be able to start doing 5Ks and eventually a half marathon. Fall is the perfect season to get into that mode, and having Nike+ will help with my pace and distance.

  • Charity S

    I want to start running each morning. I really need to change the way I workout in the mornings. 

  • Malita

    Down 25 lbs with 10 to go, I’ve tried for years but this year it finally clicked. My fall goals is to beat the hardest part, those last 10 lbs. I live on an area that is brutally hot in the summer, so I look forward to getting outdoors more, hikes, walks etc.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=677221827 Christine Dewater

    My goal is to get a fitness routine started again, I kind have been slacking over the summer and it’s time to get back at it!

  • Z N

    working on calves and tights more frequently

  • Jlannar

    I want to get back in the shape that I was in when I was a teenager

  • Lindsru

    I really want to tone up my legs (squats, jumps…)