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Fit Blogger We Love: Enthusiastic Runner

Jocelyn loves to travel to new places, train for races and enjoy life!

Jocelyn grew up in Connecticut, where she was enthusiastic about sports all year round. But when she moved to the Big Apple after a four-year college stint in Oklahoma, she realized a new fitness goal was in order. So Enthusiastic Runner was born, where Jocelyn details her fitness adventures as she trains for her second marathon and first half-Ironman! We love catching up with her throughout the week, so get to know her here then pop over to her blog for more fun.

My favorite way to work out: Any workout that I can do outdoors! Whether it's running, hiking, biking, skiing, tennis, softball or golf—I just love being outside.

5 things I can't live without:

  1. My family and friends. I'm very lucky that I have amazing parents, a great sister/roommate (Hi Krista!) and friends who GET me.
  2. Running shoes. I always keep a pair at work in case I want to run home from work. [Editor's note: check out our 2012 sneaker guide to find your perfect fit!]
  3. My passport. I absolutely love to travel. Last year, I went to Singapore, the Philippines, Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey, Seattle, Oregon, Oklahoma, Austin, Montreal and Bermuda—all for fun!
  4. Country music. I can't get enough! One of my favorite songs to run to is "No Reins" by Rascal Flatts.
  5. TV. As much as I love being outside, I'm addicted to watching the tube. I like to think they balance each other out.

On my fit life list: I have a few, actually. I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon (this might take a while), climb Mount Kilimanjaro, go to surf camp and bike across the United States.

My fave fit snack: Picky Bars. I was introduced to them last year and now I am addicted. They taste great, plus they're gluten and dairy-free!

Most embarrassing song I'll admit I work out to: "Faded" by soulDecision. It reminds me of high school dances (which were always fun)...and it's really catchy!

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